What Modern Ukrainian Girls Look for in Men

June 23, 2016 at 7.31pm by in Slavic Women
Modern Ukrainian Girls

Loyal, loving and family centered- these are the three qualities that men should possess in order to attract a serious partner. But there is more to life than that, it takes time to find the one that fits you perfectly.

Here are the top 5 qualities that modern Ukrainian girls look for in men:

  1. Maturity

While some girls would prefer a handsome or tall men, modern Ukrainian girls believe that age and looks don’t matter at all, but maturity does. Modern Ukrainian girls need something more than amusement and permanent entertainment. They are looking for someone that they can rely on in times of trouble. They wanted to be with someone who can help them in making the right decisions in life. Maturity does not come with being old, but developed. Maturity is not determined by age but by experience.

  1. Upbringing

Modern Ukrainian girls are still traditional and family-oriented. They wanted to be with someone who is well-mannered so that they can introduce their men to their families. Modern Ukrainian girls are looking for someone who is respectful, patient and communicates well with other people.

  1. Humor and Intelligence

Modern Ukrainian girls believe that an intelligent man is sexier than a man who trains his muscles. Though men who are physically fit look attractive, most women look for someone who can keep the conversation going.  Someone who is witty and can make funny jokes is also a plus factor.

  1. Looks presentable and neat

A man does not necessarily have to be handsome in order to capture the hearts of these modern Ukrainian girls, but he has to look presentable and neat. He should dress nicely and stick to regular hygiene procedures. He should also cut his hair and shave his facial hair regularly.

  1. Career

Not all Ukrainian girls care about a man’s wealth and financial state. As a matter of fact, some modern girls are financially independent. However, it is necessary for most modern girls to meet a guy who has a good career as a sign of assertiveness and confidence.

  • kenneth hosick

    based on some of my experience, a few things mentioned are in contradiction of what is written here

  • Jaco Müller

    I am qualified with these 5 points. I am hoping to get a woman to spoil her.


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