Money VS Love: A Slavic lady’s musings on the raw truth

May 31, 2022 at 8.16am by in Online Dating
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Which one is more important, money or love? Based on Maslow’s hierarchy of human needs, security is much more important than connection as human beings can’t pursue emotional connection when security is absent. Security is the most basic human need, whereas connection is a higher-level need. Financial security is a big part of security. Consequently, money is actually more important than love; nevertheless, we are not allowed to say this in public in modern western mainstream culture. As a consequence, we have already been conditioned to say that money doesn’t even matter so long as love is there. But in reality, money is the No. 1 reason for divorce in nearly every country on the planet. Without money, people don’t want love anymore, as evidenced by the uncomfortable truth behind divorce and Maslow’s hierarchy of needs.

  • Love VS Human Nature

There is an ancient Chinese saying, “The couple did actually like the two birds of the same forest that flew away separately when the disaster impended.”

Yes, love is important and everyone wants love, but when our security is in danger, we will naturally choose security as we have to survive before we are able to enjoy love and romance.

That’s why when a financial issue happens, the human brain’s fight, flight or freeze switch is turned on and must make a decision fast. That is also known as anxiety. Nobody can truly enjoy a romantic relationship when they suffer from anxiety. When you love each other, that love is true. When you don’t love each other anymore, the absence of love is also true.

The modern western mainstream culture doesn’t really allow us to talk about the end of a romantic relationship, especially not in a dating blog article like this. However, the end of a relationship is a paramount topic.

Ending a romantic relationship doesn’t necessarily mean the relationship is bad. It’s simply a part of the life cycle of love because love has a life and love can die, too. There is absolutely nothing wrong with breaking up with someone, so long as it’s the right decision.

By contrast, money doesn’t have a life cycle and can’t die. For instance, if you have a house, that’s your property forever so long as you don’t change the owner of the house. What’s more, if you have the technical skills to make money, your technical skills are your bankable assets forever.

In truth, a romantic relationship that lasts for a lifetime isn’t necessarily a successful relationship. Note that ending a romantic relationship isn’t always something bad because that relationship still gave good value to you. Oftentimes, getting a divorce is actually a wise decision as it means you love yourself more. Now it’s time to talk about why maintaining a relationship forever could be a bad thing – we know some couples who don’t get divorced due to different reasons, yet they are very unhappily married. When they die, they will be buried together as they will never get divorced. Obviously, that is not a good example of a successful relationship. Nonetheless, money which lasts for a lifetime is still good money – you may invest in the stock market or real estate in order to make more money – you will give lots of money to your kids in the future (that’s still real money).

  • When you are married to the right Slavic woman, your wealth will grow.

Byron Tully once said, “If you want to get rich, please don’t date women that you know you will not marry.” Indeed, your time is your No. 1 valuable asset as you can always get your money back, yet you can never get your time back. Period.

The majority of successful men focus on their careers, so they don’t date women that they know they wouldn’t marry.

“Slavic women are traditional ladies who support and respect their husbands at all times.”

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