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Last week we advised that in the next month or so we will be launching our new site. This created a huge amount of interest among men and also the agencies that we work with.

Following many years of receiving advice and suggestions, which we duly noted and investigated, we are ready to offer a brand new site, with vastly improved services and features which are much more user friendly.

One of the improvements relates to the profile details of both men and ladies. We will be providing much more information and criteria on the profiles.

Not only does this allow greater search criteria to give a better characteristic fit, but will also allow mini matchmaking criteria to give you a better chance of finding the right partner and quicker.

We have always advised men that there are huge advantages in filling in your profile as much as possible, including photos.

Many men are shy and withhold much personal information and also dont load photos. Ladies are not interested if they know nothing about you, nor can see what you look like. Why would they be interested in a blank profile?

Dont be shy – it is only the ladies who are registered on the site that can see your profile. It is not available for a global audience. Only the ladies profiles are public.

Your chances of finding true love is greatly enhanced when you load an honest and full profile.

We will also be offering men the chance to load a free small video of themselves. This will be a wonderful new feature – coming your way soon!

  • Alex

    Hi Ukraine brides

    I like the idea of a small video for men to make themselves known better what sort of small fee will you charge for this?


    • keith

      Hi Alex
      It would be free. It will be a part of the mans profile details
      Glad you like the idea

  • Matjaz

    That is great. It would be nice if you can upload more than 6 photos.

    Best regards


    • keith

      Hi Matjaz
      Thanks for your comment
      When we launch there will be a 12 photo limit, which is double the current
      We will review this later and may even increase it further
      all are free to load of course

  • none

    I have a question, does the ladys see when you have payed a visit to their profile?
    If so, why don’t men see the same thing? If not, why don’t you implement such a feature for both parts.


    • keith

      This is a great suggestion -thank you.
      We will look to add this feature to the site

  • none

    Thanks Keith, but that didn’t answer my first question if the lady’s see this today already? Even if your answer might lead to a conclusion that they don’t?


    • keith

      Sorry – no currently neither lady nor man can see if her or his profile has been viewed and by who
      They can only see if their profile has been favorited
      We will consider your idea which may be worthwhile

    • Andrew

      Following up on Keith’s reply, we will look into this however this would lead to men and ladies being less willing to browse profiles if they knew that people saw when they did this. You see this affect in sites like LinkedIn. If someone has looked at your profile but not favorited you, then that person is probably not interested in you


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