New! 20 cent chats are available

July 29, 2013 at 6.49am by in Online Dating

We have just introduced text chats for 20c per minute to follow on from our full video chats which include camera, microphone and text.

If you are wanting to know more about a new lady and the relationship is in its early stages, this is an easy way to get to know your new lady better quickly.

The video chat is much preferred when a relationship has developed as it allows you to see each other and hear each other, but this alternative is a nice lead to that stage of the relationship.

When you chat with a lady you can accept the camera connection and chat via video or you can decline the camera connection and chat via text.

We have also made a change to the ladies on line gallery so that you can see who has a camera and who does not – by the small camera icon placed on their profile photo.

Try the new text chat today and see how simple it is – this will certainly save lots of letter writing back and forward as the love blossoms.

Book a chat at and choose the type of chat you want or go directly to the ladies on line gallery and start chatting straight away!

  • tegan

    Dear Sir,

    I am not good at the chating system at all since I am not the improvise type of person.What I am good at doing is thinking of what to say, sending a message and waiting for a reply so that the video aspect to see one another can come in later

    WHAT IS THE FEE FOR SENDING A MESSAGE? There is someone I would like to e-mail now.


    • keith


      Our messages are 1.80 credits each. This may explain it better for you:

      Prices for messages

      We want to be 100% fair with your messages so here is how we have it set up:

      You should never be charged when ladies write to you out of the blue – perhaps ladies who you have never noticed or write to you first to send you a message in introduction. You would be charged for 100’s of letters for nothing.

      You should also not be charged if a lady with whom you are corresponding sends you many messages, lets say 5 replies, to your one message.

      You should only be charged if you write to a lady and then when she sends you a reply to that message (but only the first reply). This would be 1.80 credits from you to her and 1.80 credits from her to you. No more than that.

      This is to prevent some agencies using the messaging system as a way to clear out your credits without you being in control. On this site you are in control and nothing is deducted without your intent.

      We have set it up so that when you write to a lady, her reply is automatically deducted at the same time. This allows her to reply to your message as many times as she likes – perhaps she may send you 3 messages full of different photos. You will only be charged for 1 reply.

      If you do not get a reply in 7 days, all 3.60 credits are added back to your account.

      If she replies after 8 days, then you have already been credited and your messages to each other were free. This is because I consider more than 7 days an unacceptable delay in her reply.

  • Paul

    Dear Single Gentlemen of the world.

    I have to say that this is a very good dating site indeed. Some lady’s are on here for a bit of fun , but you can soon find out by the e-mail you get back from them . It will be sort and won’t answer your questions . You can tell her about your life and what is going on if she just says she will cook for you again and again move on.
    Compared to other site this one dose not charge the earth. Finding the lady of your dreams is not about money and I think this site shows that.

    I have not been to the Ukraine as of yet but It’s my full intention too go this year.

    I have been scammed before NOT from this site tho.

    I am real as well , I live in the south west of the UK.
    And my top tip is look at the help this site gives and the video you can watch about dating and the lady’s.

    Good luck to you all , these lady’s are in a class of there own.
    One more thing if they are half dressed be care full.


  • Bob


    I have been a member for several years now. I have met some very lovely ladies through you site and I truly believe in you and your companies integrity. My question with chatting is this:

    I use a lot of Apple products. I know that my IPhone will not allow video. What about my IPad? I have not tried it yet but the lady that I am talking with at the moment, we have become very close to each other and our relationship has grown immensely. I am planning a trip soon to visit her. But she may message me wanting us to video chat with just a few moments notice and I only have one or both of my Apple products with me. I do not always have my MacBook Pro with me. Any future plans to make video chatting with Apple products possible?

    • Andrew

      Hi Bob

      I’m Andrew, the lead developer for Ukraine Brides Agency. Keith has asked me to reply as the answers to your questions are of a more technical nature!

      Firstly, thank you so much for your kind words about the site and for your questions about the video chat. To answer your question about iPad compatibility, unfortunately no – video chat on iPad (and all Apple mobile devices and browsers) is not yet supported. The reasons behind this are a bit complex, but I will do my best to describe them below.

      When we launched the new site in October last year, one of the major improvements was the video chat. We decided to use a relatively new technology called WebRTC to handle this. All major modern browsers support this technology and the video chat works fine except for Apple’s Safari and their mobile devices. We use another technology called Flash to provide video chat for other older browsers that don’t support WebRTC however Apple mobile devices don’t support Flash either!

      So, what are we doing about this problem? It seems at this stage that the only way to allow video chat with Apple mobile devices would be to create a standalone app. This is something that requires quite a bit of thought partly due to the high initial outlay and maintenance development time and costs but also we need to consider how seamless it would work with the main site. We’re currently reviewing our options for this standalone app and at this stage it’s looking probable that we will proceed with development. Sorry at this stage I can’t give you a timeline for this work as we haven’t confirmed anything yet – rather this comment is just to give you a heads up on our thought process thus far.

      Thanks again for your kind words and feedback. It’s comments like this that let us know how we can best serve our clients so we really appreciate the time you took to write to us.

      If you have any further questions about this (or anything else) just comment here or get in touch with us via the contact form on the site.


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