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I mentioned a few weeks ago that it is very rare for a couple to agree to have their photos loaded onto the site in the references section.

In November we have a couple from our site getting engaged in Paris and no amount of pleading will see them let us put their photos on the site – despite the fact that we are very proud about this – it makes all the hard work and difficulties worth it.

They are not the first couple by any means, but we have never had anyone agree to let us use their photos – permission is almost never granted.

Even when men join the site, many men do not load profile photos – even though it is only the ladies that can see them. No visitors to the site, nor any other men who belong to the site can see the profiles of men.

I have seen other sites where hundreds of smiling couples are loaded and I wonder…..hmmmmmm.

John recently returned from a successful trip to meet his lady with us. She is coming to see him in the new year and he will return again to visit her. He has written his reference here and was very happy for us to publish his email address.

I decided not to put it on the site so he is not buried in unwelcome emails, but if you would like to email John and ask him about his experience, contact me and I will give you his details.

Today I had a few ladies contact me annoyed at a guy who was having 1 minute chats with them and saying “here is my email address, contact me”. They said the “hate” it when men do this.

They are serious about finding a man and if he is dishonest like this they are not interested at all in him. It may only be a small thing – but first impressions can never be reversed.

I try to explain this to men who do this but they dont understand. It is like taking her to a burger bar on a first date – well you know what I mean.

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