Online Dating Profile: Tips for a Great Profile Photo

online dating profile photo

Whether online or real life, first impressions can make a difference. It’s important to choose the right photo for your online dating profile to make the best first impression. Your online dating profile picture can attract someone or immediately turn them off.

But trying to figure out the best profile photo is easier said than done. With so many photos you may have to choose from, it can be quite a challenge to select the best ones to post online. Need help choosing the ideal photo to get your inbox lighting up with messages from potential matches? Follow the tips listed below.

Use a full body photo

People who post a full body photo on their online dating profiles were found to get more messages than the average. They are also more likely to get responses to the messages they send. Want to increase your chances to get a reply from someone whom you think is a potential match? Take the time to browse through your phone gallery and select a nice full body photo of yourself.

Flash those pearly whites

A beautiful smile can go a long way! There’s no reason to be hiding your pearly whites on your online dating photo. Your smile not only makes you look appealing, it also makes you look friendly and approachable. This is one of the tricks you should never miss especially when you’re trying to catch the attention of Ukrainian ladies. Besides, a smiling face exudes happiness and positivity. And when people see that, they are more likely to get attracted to you.

Don’t wear a hat

Avoid wearing a hat in your photos. It will get you fewer likes from potential dates. It will also make you less noticeable because you’re not showing your whole face. It is always best to flaunt your looks – from your hair to your face. Don’t hide behind a hat. Be confident if you have hair or not. Be yourself. Remember, confidence is sexy.  

Choose a photo that shows you’re having fun

Out having fun with friends? Enjoying a vacation or traveling? It’s a good idea to upload one or two of these fun photos on your online dating profile. They give a hint of your personality. They also help show the types of activities you enjoy and that you’re someone who is fun to be with. People who are into traveling are more likely going to connect with you when you use a vacation photo as your online dating picture.

Be the only person in your photo

Using a group photo for your profile can make it hard for people to tell who you are in the photo. It could also reduce your chances of getting messages. As much as possible, use a solo photo for online dating. Avoid using a picture with an ex or someone who could make it look like you’re already taken. Remember, you engage in online dating because you’re looking forward to meeting Ukrainian women. Don’t give them any reason to be turned off.

Keep your clothes on

A lot of people are under the impression that showing more skin can get them the attention they want from potential matches. But the truth is it won’t. It doesn’t work that way. Even if you have a great body to show off and flaunt, it’s still better to choose the photos with your clothes on.

Upload about 3 to 4 photos

When uploading photos for your online dating profile, it would be best if you have about 3 to 4 pictures. It’s better if you have more photos for people to see. It will increase your chances of getting messages and responses.

Your online dating photo is one of the key elements to help people decide whether they might be attracted to you or not. Increase your online dating success by following the tips mentioned above. Want to meet Ukrainian women? Please visit Ukraine Brides Agency today.

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