Online Dating: Reasons Why You Should Commit To One Site

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Committing to one online dating site may seem like a regress if you want to open up your dating pool. However, there are numerous and almost endless reasons why you should only commit to one dating site.

With the rise of online dating websites, it’s easy to find numerous sites that’ll help you get more matches. If you aren’t all too familiar with online dating, it’s finding a romantic or sexual partner on the internet. It’s usually done through the use of websites. So, again, there are a lot of sites to choose from. Since there are a lot of sites, you can also sign up to all of them. And what most people do is actually sign up to one at first. But, they easily give up when don’t find anyone within a week or so and sign up for another site or maybe two or three sites at once.

Why do most men do this? Well, in all honesty, it’s a semi smart move but not quite. They sign up to several online dating sites, so that they can just copy and paste what they wrote on one site. This is considered lazy really.

So, now, we’re letting you know that you should focus on only one website. Why? Because a dating site is like a relationship. You’re not going to find the right one if you’re just going to keep moving or jumping from one to another.

We’ll be discussing the four top reasons on why you should only commit to one site. Try as we may, it may or may not provide you information on why it’s important to commit yourself to only one dating site. In our view though, committing to one site is like committing to a relationship. In essence, you’ve got to treat the dating site you’re signed up to as a relationship. Why? Because it also helps you commit in real life. Plus, you won’t look so desperate (which is really something you don’t want to be seen as with Ukrainian women.)

These tips and reasons will sound like dating tips, but they also apply in why you would need to only commit to one online dating website at a time.

#1 You need time to get along

Much like in a relationship, you’re not going to replace someone after only knowing them for a week. It sounds ridiculous right? You’re going to stop seeing or talking to someone completely after a week because you couldn’t find the “right aspects you like in that one week.” Just like in a relationship, you’re going to have to take time to see what the website offers. Just because you saw five, ten, or maybe even fifty women and sent them messages. It doesn’t mean that they’re all the women that are in that site (unless of course, it’s a fake site!). There are usually thousands of active members in an online dating website. And, you can’t possibly have gone through every single one of those profiles. So, as we say, you just need time to get a hang of the site before you can even decide that you should move onto the next. If you use multiple sites at the same time, you’re going to get confused. Plus, you’ll miss the opportunity to see how well inclined you are to a site since you’re in a sense “distracted.”

#2 You need to spend time

You’ve really got to spend time on a site to even be sure that it’s not worth your time. Yes, it’s true that if it ends up that you’ve wasted your time on it, it’ll make you feel bad. But, honestly, you’re going to meet some great women that you’re going to befriend from just one site. If you don’t, that’s fine, you can move on to another site. But, as we’ve said earlier, you’ve got to spend more than a week or a month on just one site. You’ve got to put some time aside to really take things seriously, much like one would in a committed relationship. Put a little bit more effort, but don’t worry too much. Besides, you’ll know after a couples of months whether it’s the right site or not. Since you’ve given yourself some time to get used to everything, it’s easier to know if you need to move on.

#3 You might need Tinder

As we’ve already said, you’ll need both time and energy to get to know a site. However, if you’re more on the simplicity of things and don’t really want to be in a relationship, maybe you should just try out Tinder. Tinder isn’t considered a dating app anymore. Yes there are people who are lucky to be able to find their partner there, but that’s one in a million as most people expect sexual intercourse. Mostly one-offs. This is a sad reality, which is why there are more serious sites put up to make sure that you find love and not one-offs. If you can’t commit to one serious site to look for serious love, then maybe you should consider Tinder. The ever fleeting faces of people you forgot you swiped right. In dating websites, you’ll see their faces over and over again. Although it’s all really a mystery until you get to video chat, at least conversations lead to respect and trust.

#4 You need to put in effort

This may actually be the most important part of online dating. You’ve got to put effort into messaging ladies. But, before even messaging the ladies, you’ve got to sign up and complete your online dating profile. After doing all that and possibly paying for a membership, you also have to know what to say in the messages you’ll be sending to women. It really takes a lot of effort to even get a Ukrainian girl to reply to you because you don’t know how to go about it. That’s why a little effort can go a long way in online dating. It shows that there are still men like you out there that are willing to pursue and persevere.

On top of all this, it also shows that when you’re only using one dating site, you’re more committed. Or, sometimes, you’ll be seen as someone who’s confident in what you’ll find in one place. This is especially the case if your username or nickname isn’t seen anywhere else on the web! One of the most important things in putting effort is getting your mindset right.

At the end of the day though, you don’t have to listen to anyone but yourself. However, it’s really important that you use or explore every possible aspect of a website. This is why you should only commit to one. Plus, if you’re worried about the cost of memberships, it’s best to stick to just one site. That is until you know you’re really ready to move on.

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