Online Dating: Why You’re Not Getting Any Replies

October 31, 2018 at 1.27pm by in Online Dating
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You’ve created your online dating profile on a dating website, uploaded a great photo, and filled up the bio with interesting things about you. Now you’ve seen a lot of people’s profiles and are interested to learn more. So you go on sending your well-crafted messages. You got excited looking at the profiles thinking how this person is perfect for you. You waited but then you haven’t received any replies.

This is when panic starts to seep in. You wonder what was wrong with the messages you sent out. You feel hurt from the rejection and then you feel hopeless in finding love.

Don’t fret. There are people who have experienced this and have felt down from not having received any replies. This is the part that your family and friends may not have warned you about – the waiting game.

Have Patience

This is the golden rule in the online dating game. Patience is a virtue and good things come to those who wait. These two still hold true today. Don’t be too hard on yourself, true love comes at the right time. Take deep breaths and practice patience.

Focus on Yourself

You’ve already told the world that you are open and ready for love. That does not mean that the door on continuing to love yourself has been closed. This is the time that you look out for yourself more, develop and work on yourself. Do the hobbies you love, go to places you’ve been curious about. Do the things that make you happy and fulfilled.

Think about your approach

Wouldn’t it be nice if there was an exact formula on creating messages that will win the attention of those you are interested in?? But, alas, life isn’t like that and dating isn’t exactly science. Though there are some guidelines you can follow if you want your online dating profile and chat messages improved.

Tips for your Online Dating Profile:

  • Be precise and straight to the point. Keep your bio simple, positive, and short.
  • Highlight and talk about what makes you unique and interesting in your profile.
  • Put up photos that show who you are and what you like doing. Do you like to travel? Do you have hobbies? Are you close with your family? These are great photos to upload if you have them.

Tips for chat messages:

  • Don’t make a generic message that you’ll copy and paste to all of the people you’re interested in. Write a specific and personalized message after looking and reading through a person’s profile. This will show the person you’ve messaged that you are interested in knowing more about them.
  • Share about yourself that relates to what you’ve read in their profiles. This will help them see if they can connect with you.
  • Instead of asking them generic questions that will end up in small talk, ask them a more profound and personalized one.

Seek Advice from friends and family

The closest people in your life know you the best. What your good traits are, the bad ones, and everything in between. So ask them and use their knowledge as a resource to help you understand why you’re not receiving replies.

Ask a friend or two to look at your profile and the messages you’ve sent out. Let them tell you what they think about it. Ask friends who know you and have known your relationships. They can help you point out what adjustments you can make.


It will take you time to get used to the process and hear back from some people who are going to be your potential dates. Consider everything you’ve done as practice. Don’t focus so much on having the best date or getting into the long-term relationship you’ve been wanting. Consider each step you’ve practiced and enjoy the journey.

Putting yourself out to the world can be daunting and can make you feel vulnerable. This is an important part of the journey. Being silent will take you nowhere. After going through the process of making an online dating profile, uploading nice photos, and sending out messages, you  need to have patience. Don’t be too negative, you’ll get a reply soon. Have faith that you’ve done your best to be at your best in online dating. Visit Ukraine Brides Agency for more helpful advice.

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