Who pays the bill on the first date with a Ukrainian lady?

First date

Paying for a first date. That oft-confusing time when you don’t really know each other well enough to know exactly what to do. So, who pays the bill on the first date with a Ukrainian lady?

According to Ukrainian dating etiquette, men should pay for women. It seems strange to western people, but that’s the way it is.

Things have not changed yet and Ukrainian men still pay for dates.

However, the dating rules are starting to evolve, even in Ukraine.

The majority of Ukrainian women believe that men should take care of the bill on the date. It’s a kind of test: if a man can’t pay for the dinner, how is he going to provide for the family?

A man should demonstrate that he is financially secure, reliable and ready to support, especially at the first date

The recent studies show:

  • 73% of Ukrainian men and women believe that guys should pick up the check. It proves that a man is considerate and generous.
  • 4% of respondents say that the bill should be split.
  • The remaining 23% state that men and women should pay for their part of the dinner.

You should note that during the last few years a new trend has been emerging. Ukrainian ladies and men are growing used to the option of splitting the bill, especially in big cities.

Paying for dates and trying to appear generous puts a big hole in a guy’s budget. Even if one earns more than an average salary, it’s still too pricey to pay for two people constantly, men complain.

Maybe this is why Ukrainian men and women settle in relationships much quicker than people are accustomed to in western countries. It’s simply too expensive to go on dates for a guy who is paying. Once a couple gets serious, they drop external entertainment and mostly spend time together at home.

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