Peace at Last!

May 29, 2014 at 1.00am by in Online Dating

Last Sunday, Ukraine held its democratic elections to choose a new Government following the disappearance of President Yanukovich early in the year.

As expected, the election was won by Petro Poroshenko, the billionaire businessman who has lead the Pro-Ukraine demonstrators throughout the recent difficult times and has always been seen as the logical leader to move Ukraine forward.

The elections were disrupted in several eastern cities by Pro-Russian activists and it was surprising to see on Monday that the Ukraine military moved immediately to quell the take-over of Donetsk airport by these activists. In fact the action was so swift and decisive that up to 30 activists were killed.

The new Government has promised that any future violent protests will be dealt with in hours, not days and will be dealt with as severely as the Donetsk airport issue,

Most surprising was the lack of protest from the Russian Government about the death of 30 activists. In fact the Russians have stated that they are prepared to talk and work with the new Ukraine Government to resolve the problems that have caused unrest throughout all of 2014.

Many men have been apprehensive about traveling to Ukraine during the unrest but it is pleasing to see that the Government is quickly restoring peace and order and will discuss any issues with the Russian government and the eastern cities that have a different viewpoint from the west Ukraine.

If you have been considering visiting Ukraine but have been deterred by the unrest, you may now reconsider and make the trip just in time for Summer.

Please let us know if we can help you with your travel and your planning.


  • Kelly Maybury

    Just an update about Ukraine. I am currently in Zaporozhye as i write this. I wanted to see more of Ukraine so i took a taxi from Kiev to Zaporozhye and the country is beautiful. Do not worry about the roads at all i have seen far worse in australia! However they are made drivers. Lane rules mean nothing and i would say to you use the taxi service offered by the agency. I was quoted $300 by the agency and i ended up paying $450 from the motel. The only reason i did not go with the agency was i decided to go business class not economy so i went the other way.

    Anyway i write this on the first day and do not know how things are going to turn out but our fist meeting was at the restaurant in the motel i am staying at. how much did it cost? as whole $10 dollars. So do not believe what you here about these girls scamming you! My girl even tried to get me to catch the train to save money. Yes i know there are scammers about, but not as many as you think. Be yourself, be honest about your self and you should have no problems. As for me next week we shall know all and i hope to post good news. Guys if only 3% of the blokes who write ever bother to visit how do you think you stand out from the rest when you turn up and are exactly the same in person. The only thing i can say is that my girl is so much better in person than on chats. Do not worry about the Ukraine, i feel safe and very much cared for here, all of the people are wonderful and you can make such a difference in their lives. I gave a girl who brought room service to my room a $5 tip ans she almost passed out! Just be yourself, turn up and trust your girl.

    • keith

      Thanks for the comments Kelly.
      Please keep us updated


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