Perfect Christmas Date Ideas in Ukraine

December 17, 2016 at 7.09pm by in Slavic Women
Christmas date ideas in Ukraine

Spending a perfect Christmas isn’t all that difficult. However, finding the perfect Christmas date ideas in Ukraine may be the most difficult thing. This is especially true if you aren’t familiar with Ukraine.

Ukraine is a huge country. You’ve got a lot of provinces and cities that all have different things to offer from one another. So, giving you exact locations may be difficult on our part as well. Depending on where your Ukrainian woman is from, you’re going to have to find something. We’ll be providing you with Christmas date ideas in Ukraine, specifically Odessa and Kiev. However, with other provinces, you may be able to grab and spin some of the ideas we’ll provide depending on what’s available in that area.

Hopefully by now, you’d know that Ukrainians celebrate Christmas on January 7 of every year. They are an Orthodox country, and just like other Orthodox countries, they follow the Julian calendar. Their calendar is thirteen days behind in the Gregorian calendar. So, their December 25 on the Julian calendar is January 7. But, on the Gregorian calendar, which is what is universally used, it’s January 7. So, if your Ukrainian lady is inviting you over for Christmas, make sure to ask whether they celebrate it on the 25th of December or the 7th of January. This will provide you information on when you should book your plane ticket. Plus, it’ll let you know which Christmas date ideas in Ukraine are perfect for your trip.

Date ideas in Kiev

Kiev, also spelled as Kyiv, is Ukraine’s capital city. This place offers a lot of places to go on a date. Depending on what kind of scenery and feel you two have that day of the date, you’ll be able to choose from various places.

Sculpture garden

You can have a quiet date around the Sculpture Garden at the Peizazhna Alley. Thanks to TripAdvisor, you can know how to get to this place. While going to that place, you can also visit St. Sophia and Andriyivskyy Descent. St. Sophia is a cathedral, and it’s the best known landmark of Kiev and Ukraine itself. You can take your lady for an early date and bring her to St. Sophia. It’ll show your lady that you’re the type to commit in a church. Andriyivskyy Descent, on the other hand, is a historic descent connecting Kiev’s Upper Town neighborhood together with the historically commercial Podil neighborhood. While delving in the history of Kiev, you’ll be able to delve into your Ukrainian lady’s history knowledge. The time spent together touring these places will give you an idea how much she knows about her home. Plus, it’ll give you two some time to talk about each other.

Once you two are tired from walking around, you could go to a cafe called Ciao Cacao! or Чао Какао! This is a place you two could have some coffee and get to know each other a little more. If you’re lucky, she’ll be able to open up to you how her parents would take her around this place when she was a child.

Khreschatyk Park

This is a great place if you or your Ukrainian lady love the great outdoors. If sculpture garden is out of the question, maybe heading for a little cold picnic over at Khreschatyk Park will ensure a very happy lunch date. You two could spend the afternoon throwing snowballs at each other, and ice skating. However, you’ve got to be prepared. You’ve either got to bring take out food and drinks from somewhere. You can also buy her a small gift, something that she’s interested in at the Christmas market over at the park. There are several food stalls available at the Christmas market. So, you can buy food there if you want.

National Opera of Ukraine

If you want a change of scenery in a theater, you could grab a couple of tickets to the National Opera of Ukraine where The Nutcracker performance will probably be showing. The tickets range from about $2 to $22. That’s not bad at all if you compare it to London prices of The Nutcracker. You can purchase your tickets at the Opera House, but maybe you could try and call in for a reservation. After watching the show, you two could have a candlelit dinner at a restaurant nearby that serves wine. If you’re not a big drinker, it’s no problem. You can easily order a glass of wine or at least offer the lady if she’d like some wine.

Date ideas in Odessa

Similar to Kiev, there are a lot to do in Odessa. The scenery of Odessa is very different compared to Kiev. Odessa, also spelled as Odesa, is found near the border of the Black Sea. So, compared to Kiev’s architecture views, in Odessa, you’ve got the ocean. According to some Western men, women are more beautiful in Odessa. Plus, people are nicer as well as the cost of living is also cheaper. Here are some date suggestions if you’re visiting around Odessa.

7th Kilometer Market

Although we don’t usually advise shopping for your Ukrainian lady, 7th Kilometer Market has lots of clothes that are very cheap. So, if you’re just visiting, you can also buy some stuff for yourself or to take back as a souvenir. If you’re wondering if shopping is really a date, it might as well be as it’s something Ukrainian women surely love to do. But, you may not be keen on being lugged around while a woman is shopping. In this case, you could go to a cafe in the basement of Alfina. You and your Ukrainian lady can dine among the oldest soviet wall paintings.

Saunas or Banyas

As Christmas time usually coincides with snow, it can get very cold in Odessa. If you’re looking in for some pamper time for you and your Ukrainian lady, why not try saunas or banyas. Banyas are the Russian type spas. Saunas and banyas could help you two stay warm and healthy during the cold winter time. There are several types of saunas and banyas you can enjoy. There’s one where it’s mixed or there’s also one that separates both male and female. You might want to ask your Ukrainian lady if she’s comfortable with this. If you aren’t familiar with Banya, then check out Ukrainian Guide.

Ice Skating

Since snow may be rampant in Odessa, like in Kiev, you can easily grab the opportunity to go ice skating with your Ukrainian lady. Even if you don’t know how to ice skate, there’s always something to bond over. You can take videos of each other failing at ice skating. The two of you could also ask someone to take a photo of you two (or maybe just bring a selfie stick!). There are several places you can go ice skating in Odessa like the Ldinka Ice Skating Rink.

Remembering that you two having a good time is the most important part of a date. Although you or your Ukrainian lady may not have the best of time on your date, having a good time is nonetheless a success. If it’s your first time meeting each other, maybe take a short stroll and sit down at a cafe to talk. However, be very wary of the women you’re dating. You don’t need to spend big bucks just so you can date each other. Finding the perfect Christmas date ideas in Ukraine should cost you your life savings. It should only cost you time, and it should be time well spent with your Ukrainian lady.

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