Perfect Christmas Gift For The Girl You’re Dating

December 2, 2016 at 5.52am by in Dating advice
Perfect Christmas Gifts For Your Girl

Getting the perfect Christmas gift for the girl you’re dating can seem like a tough thing. However, if you’ve met each other once or twice even on video chat, you’ll have noticed some of the things she likes. You can easily do this by taking note of her surroundings or even what she’s wearing.

Quick background on the Christmas Day of Ukraine

Christmas is a very important family holiday for many Ukrainians. Prior to Ukraine gaining its independence in 1991, Christmas Day wasn’t a public holiday. However, beyond this though, Ukrainians still celebrated Christmas traditions and weren’t forgotten even after they gained independence. After gaining independence from the Soviet Union, the government made Christmas Day a holiday. Their customs and traditions for this day come from the pre-Christian Pagan customs. Although the generally Westerners celebrate Christmas on December 25 on the Gregorian calendar, the Ukrainians celebrate their Christmas day on January 7 on the Gregorian calendar. However, with the use of the Julian calendar, Ukrainians still technically celebrate Christmas on the 25th of December.

Getting someone a gift for Christmas?

If you’re planning to get a gift for a special someone you’ve met online for Christmas, you may be second guessing what to get. Before even thinking of getting someone a gift, you’re going to have to figure if you should really give them a gift. So, you’re going to need to know whether they’ve got children. Some Ukrainians who are looking for love are single moms. So, why not get the children some gifts as well if you’re keen on their mom right? If you need more help on deciding, you can check out this infographic to see whether or not you should get someone a gift.

Ukrainian women: single and single mothers

Ukrainian women, contrary to popular belief, don’t always ask for gifts. There are some women who feel entitled to them because they’ve been given gifts or presents their whole lives because of their beauty. However, there are Ukrainian women as well who are “shy” or at least they know that they’ve got to work hard for what they want. These are the types of women you’re looking out for. Most of these women are either brought up this way, or they’re single moms.

You’ve got to understand though that Ukrainian women know that being a Ukrainian woman means competition in the dating life. Why? Because there are so many Ukrainian women who are both beautiful and younger. Plus, being single and being a mom, at the same time, means that it’s more difficult for them to find a partner. So, these beautiful Ukrainian women usually face difficulty of remarrying. This is due to the fact that single mothers in their 30s in Ukraine will have lower chances of finding another lifetime partner in Ukraine. But, why are they better than those without children? Well, we can’t really tell you more than the fact that these single mothers from Ukraine are in for the long haul of a lifetime partner. This means that they’re more serious in committing to a relationship compared to those who are single and young.

What kind of gifts to give your Ukrainian girl?

Depending if you’re invited over their country for this holiday, you’re going to need to follow the Ukrainian gift giving custom. Their custom follows that you bring flowers, a bottle of imported liquor, chocolates or even pastries. Furthermore, if you’re giving gifts to everyone, even if it’s a small token of appreciation, those gifts have to be nicely wrapped. When Ukrainians receive gifts, they aren’t opened right away, so don’t expect them to be opened right away even if you’re excited to see the reaction on their faces. Usually, gifts are given to family and close friends during the Orthodox Christmas (and birthdays). Plus, the gifts don’t have to be expensive as gifts are usually given to give or show importance to a friendship or a bond formed with that person.

If you’re planning to send your Ukrainian girl some flowers, give it in odd numbers. It’s important that you follow this. Also, avoid giving yellow flowers or white lilies as these symbolize death or funerals in Ukraine. However, if you’re the type of person that isn’t good at giving gifts, you can visit our gift store at Ukrainian Brides Agency. You’ll see the different gift packs you can give to your Ukrainian girl and her family during the festive season.

There you have it! You’ve learned a little about the Ukrainian culture on celebrating Christmas as well as whether or not you should grab them gift or not. If you still aren’t sure, you can always ask your Ukrainian lady if she’s interested in anything. You can then surprise her by sending it to her home!

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