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Over the last few weeks I have mentioned helping guys out on travels to Ukraine to meet ladies. Sometimes it is with other sites and there have been problems which we have managed to assist with.

This has lead to many emails to me from men who have made travels only to find that the lady did not turn up, or did not know the man existed, no one even met him when he arrived in Ukraine. There are many horror stories.

We have a number of men in Ukraine right now and many heading over in the coming month. All of them will be met and looked after while there – guaranteed.

We cant promise you will come back with a new fiancee because that is out of our hands and in the control of a greater power.

Despite some sites having thousands of testimonials, it is rare for a man and lady to want their meeting and photos put on a site. Most are too shy for that and I dont apologise for not having a very long page on the site full of photos and references. They dont want photos posted and will not give email addresses for verification and a story without these is dubious.

I do mention them here in this forum and I often mention the mans name – he knows I am writing about him and he knows I am being truthful.

I received this today from James who finished an individual tour yesterday to meet Natasha:

Hi Keith
I would like to talk you about my trip
I was very happy ,with Anna’s help everything was arranged to perfection
The taxi was waiting at the airport,he asked for $55 ,so very reasonable
He took me to my hotel,the drive was great,and he picked me up on time
Took me back to Simferopol,the airport was shut,and he waited for them to open before he left
I was more than happy with him,on the return journey ,I had to pay in hygrievnes,and miscalculated
He then said no its wrong ,and gave me some back
The interpreter,Ira was great ,Many I have met have a problem with my East London accent
But she understood every word I spoke,and again ,when I came to pay her she asked for $15 an hour
I told her this was wrong ,and paid her the $20 we agreed
Natasha was a lovely woman,and I think she enjoyed my company,and was happy with our meeting
Well Keith thanks again ,And I will send Anna a thank you too,she phoned me Sunday evening to assure me the taxi would be there on time
And said If I had any problems I could phone her at any time,many thanks James

I hope the men that are there currently also send through thank you emails – I will let you know.

If you are thinking of travelling to Ukraine to meet your lady, please use our services as we guarantee 24 hour care and attention.

  • Giorgios


    I find it surprising (if true), to hear that a man is going to meet a lady to Ukraine, and I think it is a miracle that has not had problems.
    Fair enough you say you can not promise that you will find a woman, because in my opinion the success is less than 15%, there are big differences between a Western man from a woman from Eastern Europe, very large differences.
    But one thing struck me especially is true that in a taxi, you have to pay $ 50?, The journey?, Because Athens did not have those prices, and state somewhere in the United States and neither have those prices, I think excessive pay that amount, I could not pay that amount, and many citizens of my country either, I think a trip to Ukraine is a journey, hard, expensive, and very optimistic, but I admire those who do.

    • keith

      Hi Giorgios
      Thank you again for your reply
      The taxi trip was from Simferopol to Yalta which is a 2 hour trip. The man was offered a bus trip at $17 or a taxi at $55. He chose the taxi.
      I am sure that a 100 mile trip in Greece would also be $55.
      There are thousands (millions???) of Russians and Ukrainians living happily all over the world and many are married to western spouses. To say there is a difficulty with compatibility is your opinion.
      There are issues that must be recognised and addressed, of course, but anyone who uses a Ukraine dating site is aware of this and they are prepared to work and overcome any of these difficulties
      Thank you again Giorgios


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