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The question that bothers is exactly about how to get ready for the first date. You’ve got the first date and you’re feeling nervous. You want to make a good first impression not only for your date but also for your own self-respect. Let’s talk about how to get ready for the first date. Take a little time to plan your date so that everything goes as smoothly as possible. If you’re too preoccupied with your own thoughts, you’ll miss opportunities to really connect with your date.

Use the following 5 tips to help you to get ready for the first date.

1. Check in with your date.

You should make a call or text him or her to confirm everything on the day. You want to make sure that you’re both on the same page about details like time and the place that you’re meeting. If you’re arranging dinner and you’re the one choosing the restaurant, make sure to consider your date’s food preferences. Be sure to ask your partner if there are any foods they won’t eat, whether due to medical issues, religious beliefs, or personal tastes. For example, if your date is vegetarian, don’t take him or her to a steakhouse.

 2. Be Clean & Confident

Cleanliness gives you confidence so be sure to have a shower and brush your teeth. Whilst these simple regimes may seem obvious. Most people don’t think about the extent to which cleanliness impacts our perception of ourselves and of others and of our surroundings.  Research shows notions of cleanliness are embedded deep within our psyche.  Our mental associations with cleanliness can determine how we respond to the world at large, how we expect the world to respond to us, and the decisions we make. 

3. Smile

Smile when you are getting ready at home, a smile on the way to meet your date and smile as you are about to walk into the venue where you’re meeting, as this will release feel-good hormones to help you feel relaxed, happy and optimistic.  Be sure to also greet your date with a smile. And to smile through your first date as this act will help your date to see you as someone who is happy, welcoming and optimistic and will help them relax.



4. Pre-Prepare a Few Questions

A lot of the pre-first-date anxiety can come from worrying about potential awkward silences. The risk of your date thinking you’re dull even when you know you’re not.  Have 3-5 questions prepared that can serve as conversation starters.  However, you can relax before and during your first date and when you are there, you can really be present in the moment which is the best way for you to connect with your date.  During your date, you can ask a question and go where the conversation leads you.  The only time to pull out another pre-prepared question will be when you feel the conversation needs a springboard, otherwise, go in with the mindset that you’re just going to go with the flow. 

 5. Give Yourself a Pep Talk

Be your own best friend rather than worst enemy when getting ready to go on your first date.  It’s very easy to leave the mind on auto-pilot whilst getting ready and not realize that you’re silently putting yourself down.  If you silently berate yourself with your thoughts. Think about all the things that might go wrong and dwell on all the mistakes you might make, guess what, you’ve just focused your brain on exactly those things.  Just as an athlete wouldn’t focus on losing, and would instead focus on winning, you need to do the same.  Whatever your ideal self would be on a first date, that’s the stuff to tell yourself you are and imagine yourself being that way.  Tell yourself things like, “I’m relaxed, funny, confident and likeable”.  Even imagine the first date as a success, from the moment you walk up to greet your date to the moment you part company.  A little mind prep can go a long way!

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We hope this information will help you to get ready for the first date.

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