A real comparison of different Ukrainian dating solutions

March 11, 2020 at 11.05am by in Slavic Women

Today I’d like to provide you with something very helpful – I will show you the real differences between Ukrainian marriage agencies, free Ukrainian dating websites and Ukrainian dating sites with subscriptions. Indeed, a lot of western guys want to know which option is more suitable. In actuality, the overwhelming options online may give you more questions than answers, so I have decided to offer you clarity right now.

How do Ukrainian marriage agencies operate?

Usually, Ukrainian marriage agencies certainly have offices in Ukraine. These international marriage agencies interview every single Ukrainian lady who wants to add their dating profile to the database. So, women who have already joined these international marriage agencies are genuine ladies looking for meaningful relationships.

These international marriage agencies oftentimes have a big database for western men to browse & select. Most of these agencies actually have websites which list single women’s dating profiles on the Internet so that men can have access to these Ukrainian ladies’ profiles and photos online.

Some Ukrainian marriage agencies also have business partners in western countries; therefore, they may have branches in the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada and New Zealand. That means they have offices in the West to represent their businesses. You don’t necessarily have to go to Ukrainian in order to hire an agency like that, but you may want to meet your lady in Ukraine before marrying her.

By the way, some international marriage agencies such as Ukraine Brides Agency can organize trips for you to visit Ukraine so you will be able to meet your lady in person.

How do free Ukrainian dating sites operate?

Yes, there are some free Ukrainian dating websites on the market these days and some of them are 100% free. But you should ask why they are totally free, okay?

Every free dating site monetizes their platform via advertising instead of selling their services to their members. That is to say, since their database is big, they just sell their members’ attention by showing ads on their sites for members to see and click. That’s their revenue, meaning these free dating websites are paid by their advertising partners rather than their members.

Normally, a free Ukrainian dating site has many more men than women.

How do Ukrainian dating websites with subscriptions operate?

Now you are asking, “There are free dating sites already, so why do people join dating sites with subscriptions?”

A very good question.

And here’s the rationale why premium dating services with subscription will never go out of business:

Their pricing is an organic filter. High-quality members are much more likely to pay for a good service. Since high-value women only want to meet high-quality men, the organic filter helps these women to meet the right men. As a result, elegant ladies actually prefer dating sites with subscription.

At the end of the day, you just get what you pay for. Dating services are definitely better if you have bought a premium subscription. Premium features on a high-quality dating site include giving you dating advice, organizing international trips for you, and so forth.

Since a premium dating site isn’t 100% free, men who aren’t serious wouldn’t join these dating sites. That also means the premium platform is more reliable in general.

Essential travel accessories for an international trip to meet your lady in Ukraine:

Apart from those obvious items such as your passport, keys and phone, you may also want to bring the following things with you –

  1. Books: Since it’s an international trip, the flight will take a long time. It’s better to read some books on the plane and learn something useful, isn’t it? My advice is to read several books about dating and relationships so that you can use what you’ve learned immediately when you are on a date with your Ukrainian girlfriend.
  2. Journal: It is said that writing something down in your journal can lower your stress level and improve your health & wellbeing. Because you may be jet-lagged after arriving in Ukraine, you’d better write something down in your journal before going to sleep at night – this alone will improve the quality of your sleep, which is very important to your physical health and mental health.
  3. A wallet with at least 2 compartments: As an international traveler, you would be well-advised to make sure that you have 2 difference currencies in your wallet at all times. This makes going out very handy in Ukraine.
  4. Rolling luggage: This helps you minimize the number of things you bring with you.
  5. Laptop: If you’re a modern man with some online business, you should bring your laptop with you.
  6. Noise-cancelling headphones: If you decide to do some work on your laptop in a coffeehouse in Ukraine, you may want to wear noise-cancelling headphones 😊

No matter what, the only thing that you are able to control in your life is your actions. When you are in a relationship with a Ukrainian woman, you must look after your own needs. Remember: being assertive is a guy’s strength and is important to a sustainable marriage. So, you should ask for what you want, stand up for yourself bravely, communicate your needs clearly & say no when it’s necessary. Of course, you must make sure you’re assertive in a caring and respectful way, too.

The more you do actions of love, the more your marriage thrives. Take more actions to show your true love for your Ukrainian wife. When you feel stuck, it’s perfectly fine to make the first move & change the dynamics proactively.

Bonus tips:

There are blondes and brunettes in Ukraine. I’ve interviewed many men who are married to blondes & they have told me why they like blondes:

  1. Blondes are oftentimes more fun, spontaneous, playful and interesting.
  2. The mainstream culture and media tell men that blondes are prettier.
  3. Blondes tend to get more attention when they go out.
  4. Blondes are more feminine and more girly. Men find this feminine energy soothing and attractive – men would like to feel like alpha men.
  5. When a blonde’s hair turns grey as she gets older, it’s not easy to notice her gray hair as the original hair color is already quite pale.

I’ve also interviewed many men who are married to brunettes and they have told me why they prefer brunettes, too!

  1. Brunettes are generally classier and more elegant; they are considered wife material. Also, men tend to associate darker hair color with integrity and loyalty.
  2. Brunettes are less likely to be high-maintenance ladies.
  3. Most brunettes are more accomplished and intelligent.
  4. Brunettes are probably more stable emotionally because they are more rational.
  5. Brunettes look more serious, down-to-earth and practical.
  6. Brunettes are more self-sufficient and independent.

Of course, we shouldn’t have any stereotype in this regard, so the information above is just for some fun! Good luck and enjoy your online dating journey on Ukraine Brides Agency, a trustworthy Ukrainian dating site.

“It is reported that when a blonde speaks with a lower pitch, she looks more professional because a lower pitch indicates authority – this is psychology.”

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