How Your Relationship Status Affects Who You Find Attractive

September 4, 2016 at 12.36pm by in Dating advice
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Throughout history, numerous studies on relationship status points – such as what people consider to be “attractive” – have been performed. As a result, there are many guides, lists, and books that outline these points. For example, many consider smiling to be an attractive trait. Others may claim that high self-confidence, wearing certain types of clothes and/or makeup, or even speaking in a certain way may result in an individual being considered attractive. Recently, a new type of study was performed. The conclusive evidence of this study found that what a person is truly attracted to is highly dependent upon their current relationship status. Yes, that’s right; attraction is no longer based on looks, body types, or choice of clothing. It is based on where you are in your current relationship and the feelings that you experience in that relationship. In this comprehensive guide, we will expound on how your relationship status affects who you find attractive.

The Study

In order to effectively relay the information contained in the study that concluded that your relationship status affects who you find attractive, we feel it is important to outline the details of this study. It was led by an individual that works at Charles University – which is situated in the Czech Republic – Dr. Jitka Lindova. He took students from the university and requested that they rate an entire series of different faces on their attraction level. In the series of pictures, some underwent digital manipulation to make them resemble the participating student. Then, other pictures were manipulated in such a way that they looked nothing like the participant. Each student was shown pictures of both their sex and the opposite sex.

The study concluded that students who were not currently in a relationship rated pictures of those that did not resemble them as being more attractive. It was the same result, regardless of sex. Those participants that were in a relationship during the study rated the pictures of those that resembled them to be the most attractive. Based on the information obtained from the study, it was found that a person’s perception mechanisms for a genetically-based suitable partner is actually suppressed when involved in a romantic type of relationship. It is unknown if this is because of our brains making an attempt to prevent us from finding a different partner during a relationship, or if it is because self-resemblance is important to each of us in terms of social support we usually receive from relatives. This is referred to as “kinship cues”.

Now, previous studies have concluded that we are attracted to those that are like us – in terms of personality, values, and looks. However, this is the first study that has concluded that a person’s attitudes for what they are in search of actually changes drastically while in a relationship. Those that are single are often searching on the basis of sexual attraction and physical excitement. Those that are already in a relationship are typically searching for other types of connections. The main type being “familial” connection. That is because, from the time we enter this world, we are connected to our family members – those that look most like us!

What Do We Know About Attraction?

In addition to the details of the previously-mentioned study, we know a lot about attraction. Yes, your relationship status – in terms of whether you are single or with someone – impacts who you find attractive. But, what about if you are IN a relationship? Who do you find to be attractive then? We know the following about how your relationship status (when IN a relationship) affects who you find to be attractive:

  • If you are in a relationship where you have a high level of happiness, you are likely to find all others unattractive. This typically stems from the fact that the brain is working to protect the content relationship from experiencing complications.
  • In most instances, a relationship can change a person’s identity in such a way that they are more heavily satisfied with their partner. The “me” transitions into the “we”. Once the identity meshes with your partner, you no longer find anyone else attractive.
  • If a person is unhappy or treated poorly in a relationship, they are more likely to find more people more attractive than in the other types of circumstances.

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