Robert (United States – Lake Ridge) – Tatiana (Ukraine – Kiev)

January 7, 2022 at 5.16am by in Success Stories
Robert (United States – Lake Ridge) – Tatiana (Ukraine – Kiev)

It is said that marriages are made in heaven, but before this there is a preliminary preparation of this event on earth, and it is carried out by dating sites.

Today, Tatiana and Robert have come close to becoming a husband and wife soon, to unite their destinies once and for all and to be together in sorrow and in joy. When people confront their problems together in life, these problems become doubly smaller. And when they meet joy on their way, this joy doubles!

Tatiana and Robert’s path to each other was eventful and lasted a little over a year. The correspondence on the site between Tanya and Robert started very quickly. Having received Tanya’s letter, Robert answered almost immediately, and with each new letter, Tanya and Robert opened for each other, like a delicate flower opening towards the first rays of the morning sun. 

The next stage of the couple’s communication was video chats. This personal contact strengthened their mutual sympathy and made it possible to understand each other even better. Robert’s sharp mind, his intelligence, optimism, attention to Tatiana and her daughter – all these qualities of Robert greatly impressed Tatiana. Robert, for his part, admired Tatiana’s intelligence, wisdom, and tenderness. A shared love of literature also contributed to the strengthening of this union.

Finally, Robert came to Kiev and the couple were able to communicate in real life, having spent a pleasant evening in the romantic atmosphere of a cosy Kiev cafe. 

Like a real gentleman, Robert gave Tatiana flowers, and after the first meeting, there was the second, and a third.

After that, Robert returned home, but the communication of the couple continued as intensely and the connection between them grew stronger. After Robert’s first visit to Kiev, a subsequent one followed. Robert met Tatiana’s daughter, sympathy and later friendship developed between them and now, after a little over a year of intensive communication, Robert came to Kiev with a specific purpose – to propose to Tatiana in hand and heart. To the mutual joy of both, this proposal was accepted with gratitude and love.

Now, the couple is planning a wedding, and all their thoughts are occupied with each other and the common road ahead of them, a lifetime.

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