Romantic Gestures that will make any Woman’s Heart Melt

June 30, 2017 at 6.00am by in Online Dating

Most women dream of falling in love with a guy who can sweep them off their feet; someone whom they can fall head over heels in love with; and someone who is hopeless romantic. However, when girls get to see all these things in a guy, they have the tendency to keep their defenses high because fear overtakes and they start to doubt the intentions of the guy.

So what really are the things that can make any woman’s heart melt? Here are some of the things that guys need to know in order to break the walls and make a girl’s knees weak.

1. Sweet text messages

For many girls, there is no better way to start a day than by getting a romantic text message from their guy. It does not have to be a long message of love, but when guys send them a simple good morning greeting, they have the power to draw a beautiful smile on a girl’s face right away. It is because this gesture only shows that your very first thought is about her and that’s true romance for them.

2. Surprise snacks

Girls love it when they are being surprised, especially when it is their favorite food. Surprises do not only have to be limited to flowers and chocolates because in fact, many girls appreciate it a lot when a guy brings them their favorite snack or comfort food when days are bad and when they are not feeling well. This means that you have to pay attention to the things that make her happy and bring them to her on just any random day. Gestures like this does not require any occasion. The more it is spontaneous and unexpected, the more it will be appreciated.

3. Leave her a love note

Who says love notes and letters are old school? The never are and never will be, even in this world of technology, text messages, chat apps and social media. Some good things will still never die. It won’t take so much of your time to write a simple note even just a reminder that you love them, then leave these notes in places where they can be easily seen.

4. Be a gentleman

Being a gentleman is a very simple gesture but it can mean so much. This means that you care enough about your girl and you are taking really good care of her. Even if your girl is independent, strong and self—reliant, and they may not show it to you but deep inside, they want to feel like a little child and a princess being protected and cared for.

5. Make date plans

Another romantic gesture that girls appreciate is when guys plans for a date, and there is nothing you really have to do but simply to be there. One of the reasons why couples fight is because they can hardly decide about where to go and what to do when they go out on a date. But if you can manage to get everything covered, you are really on your way to making your girl’s heart melt with gladness.

6. Remember the details

Another important thing that matters to most girls are the important dates, especially their birthday and your anniversary. They are impressed when guys remember the special dates. And it is not just about the occasions, it can also be about the details about their favorite things like favorite food, favorite music, and everything else that matter to them.

7. Discussion about the future

Talking about the future with her included in your plans will surely make her blown away because it only goes to show that you are sincere about her, your intentions are pure and that you want to have a lifetime commitment with her. It also means that you are already happy with your girl and that you are no longer interested with finding another one or you do not consider being with someone else anymore. That is because you are already happy and contented with who you are with and you cannot imagine spending your future with a different person anymore.

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