How to tell if a Ukraine dating agency is legitimate

August 13, 2012 at 1.32pm by in Slavic Women

You look at an online dating agency website that you have found and these gorgeous young ladies (babes) flash before your eyes in a seemingly never-ending procession. They are only 25 yet they say that they are interested in men up to 50 and older. You think “wow”! – but then you think “hold it – this can’t be real”.

You have heard the stories that the Ukrainian ladies can be very beautiful and that there are also many beliefs that they are very calculating and that the entire online dating and marriage industries are a scam for them to take advantage of unwitting men – like me. If I start to write to this Goddess I will be swept away in a middle-age dream while my money is sucked away from under my nose.

Yes there are sites out there where this can and does happen. There are ways to search these sites out and avoid them. Here are some methods and tell-tale signs:

  • Can you find the contact details of the support team? Preferably telephone and on-line chat details.
  • Are your questions answered immediately?
  • Does the lady ask you for money?
  • Can you talk with her by video chat?
  • Has she cancelled her on-line chat appointments?
  • Have you checked their success stories, such as ?
  • Have they won any online dating industry awards
  • Are they IMBRA compliant?
  • Are the pricing options easy to find and available for visitors to view?
  • Is there a mixture of ladies age ranges?

If you are in doubt write to the support team. If they do not answer, move to another site.

  • Ukrainian Brides

    I chat a ukraine ladie with more and how can i come ukraine? can anyone suggest me ?

    • keith

      Please email us at [email protected] and we will help you with your questions.
      We can arrange your ravel as we our own travel agency
      Thanks again

  • Roca

    I would like to use your website, I just think the prices are a little bit high for the “writing services” letters/chat, but this is also the first time that I actually sign up in one of this websites, is there a way for me to call you guys, that would make me feel more comfortable, if you answer some questions from me directly.

  • Stewart Braeman

    Hi kieth I am travelling too Odessa in august I have booked a hotel but can you help me find a flight from the UK ? Can you suggest an airline or agent ? Thankyou

    • keith

      Hi Stewart
      Great to hear from you
      We will email you directly

  • Stephen Michaels

    My question is if I purchase contact details for a woman here. What does that specify exactly? Also, do you offer any way for me to say, pay for english lessons for someone should she want them? And are they affordable? Do you offer any translating services for phone calls off the site?

    • Keith

      Hi Stephen
      If you purchase contact details for a lady, the amount of information that the lady agrees to provide will depend on how well she knows you and the stage of your relationship.
      If you have been communicating for some time and you are both comfortable and feel that the relationship is developing well, the lady may agree for full contact detail information to be released: email address, phone number and skype/viber details.
      If the lady does not know you well, she may only release her email address at the initial stage.
      Unfortunately, many men dont understand that a genuine lady is very cautious about who she releases her information to and they may see the lady’s refusal as just a method for the site to insist you keep paying for communication services. However, as a site owner I can tell you (sadly) that there are a number of men who use dating sites with less than genuine intentions, to put it tactfully. These men are predators.
      Genuine women will be cautious and may refuse to share contact details at an early stage and they know that men may misunderstand this and stop communication, accusing the lady of just playing games or being paid for communication.
      If a lady agrees to share her information with a man that she has only just met online, I would be concerned whether she is serious or not.

      We do offer English lessons in our gifts range starting from a CD/DVD course, 5 lessons with a tutor, 16 lessons with a tutor or a full 6 month course with a tutor. Prices range from 65 credits to 570 credits. You will receive photos of the lady with her tutor voucher and also her receiving lessons. It has also become quite common for the ladies to send the man videos of her lessons after each session.

      We have auto translation to English with our online text chat and translators are available to assist with online video chat. However, we dont have translation facilities available for phone calls, although this could be arranged through the agency at the usual translator rate, $15 to $20 per hour, depending on the city.

      Stephen, please contact us if you require any further information

  • John

    Excellent article. And many comments. Causes confidence! )

  • kamal

    Hello , my observation about all the girls profiles pictures is that all are perfect , very beautiful without any exception , looking like it is a photo shop design , also the English language used to introduce each girl profile is perfect , my questions are :
    1. are all these profiles correspond to real people ?
    2. who prepare their published pictures ? do they post their pictures by themselves or the site service do it ?
    thanks for clarification

    • Keith

      Hi Kamal
      Thank you for your post Your questions are very valid and highlight several areas that may cause concern by men who wish to use a Slavic Dating site.

      In answer to your first question, all the profiles on are real people. Most of our ladies profiles have introductory videos where you can see the lady. We also have video chat on our site and you can video chat with the lady to verify that she is real – and genuinely looking for a foreign husband We actually offer a VIP service on the site where you can chat with every lady for FREE for 5 minutes before you choose to communicate with her. You just need to have your profile approved (you must be serious about using the site) and purchase any of our credit packages, also to show that you are a serious member. Your credits purchased are not used in the free chats. We also dont have any automatic recurring costs.

      You have also asked about the published photos of the ladies. If you know Ukrainian women, you will realise that they always appear magnificently presented – always. A Ukrainian lady will take great pride in presenting herself faultlessly at all times. That is one of the most attractive features of Ukrainian ladies and why they are so popular – they are very proud of their appearance – and their standards never falter

      The photos of the Ukrainian women are typically taken by a photographer so that she presents herself on the site as beautifully as possible to attract a mans attention. Remember, there can be thousands of ladies registered on a site and they all want to be noticed. Her profile photos are the difference between a man reading her profile and not reading her profile.

      A Ukrainian lady will not place casual photos on her main profile gallery. If you ask her to send some casual photos, she will – if she is interested in you.

      One of the main points of difference between and many other sites is that we dont approve sexually alluring or provocative photos of our ladies in their main profile. We are a serious and genuine site and we portray our ladies in a professional manner, befitting the ladies and also our brand. Our success is measured by creating successful relationships and satisfied couples, and we achieve much success

      Kamal, it is difficult to differentiate serious and genuine versus dubious at times. Introductory videos, free video chat, frequent success and 24 hour customer support should dispel any of your concerns

      We wish you well in your search for your Ukrainian Bride and look forward to you joining us


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