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February 13, 2013 at 11.08am by in Online Dating

My weekly emails this year have talked about this site taking steps to eliminate scammers and offer a genuine site that you can trust to find your special lady. It will be a gradual process as I tighten all the loopholes that many of the agencies have been allowed to exploit at other sites. We have started to take action.

I currently have a chance to show you how genuine I am.

In the last week or two there have been several new ladies who have registered who are sending out sexually explicit letters. Even their introductory letter is sexually explicit.

I am very angry about this because some agencies have let this happen and I don’t believe for 1 minute that these ladies are interested in anything that lasts more than 5 minutes. If I am blunt, I think they are prostitutes.

I have received a number of emails from men who are disheartened by these ladies and here is what I am going to do.

We are working on the programme changes now that will allow me to:

  • Deactivate the lady and send her profile to my scammer page
  • Send the ladies details and photos to the anti-scamming websites
  • Reimburse the credits to all men who have communicated with the lady for ALL credits used communicating with her during the month
  • Fine the agency heavily and put them on notice

I will be able to do all this by pushing 1 button on the ladies profile.

The agencies will be very upset by the fines I am placing on them and this will dissuade them allowing it to happen again. If the agency refuses to keep working with me, I will see this as admission that they are also scammers and I will put the agency on the scamming page as well.

When the programming is finished there are several ladies that will be immediately deactivated and listed as scammers. I am 100% serious about eliminating this behaviour. This should be completed before this weekend.

On another note, I receive many emails each week, some offering suggestions, many questions and often advice. Many of them revolve around the same topics or questions so I thought I would offer my opinion on some common questions. These may relate to women on my own site so I am being extremely frank!

“I am 62 years old and a lady who is only 22 has written to me. She says she is not bothered by the age difference. What do you think?”

It may not bother her, but it bothers me! Yes, Ukraine women are more accepting of an age difference. They are on the site looking for maturity, stability, security and support. This is typically provided by a man that is older than someone her own age. But 62 v 22 will not work – don’t bother writing to her as I am sure you are wasting your time and money. I think 45 v 25, or 35 v 55 may be OK – depends on many things, including the age difference.

“Her introductory letter is not serious – for example Hello sexy man”

She is not serious and I suggest you block her using your profile settings. If you are seriously looking for a wife, do not bother to reply to her.

“I write lengthy letters to the lady but she only sends back 1 sentence replies.”

I say don’t waste your time writing to her. If she cant be bothered writing a reasonable letter she is not worth pursuing.

“As soon as I log on, the same woman keeps sending me requests for chats”.

If she does not interest you, go into your profile settings and block her.

“Why are some women logged on line 24 hours each day, even at 3am and 4am Ukraine time?”

I don’t consider her marriage material and am sure you are looking for normality. If she annoys you, block her. Remember she can write to you for free so if she was interested she would.

“Her photos are very sexually suggestive”

If she annoys you, block her. If they are overtly sexual please advise me and let me deal with it.

There are ladies on the site who may have very revealing photo’s, may send introductory letters full of innuendo, may only answer your letters with one liners and never answer questions, seems to be on line all day and night and pounce on you each time you log onto the site. If she exhibits one or two of these traits she may be a nuisance, if she exhibits them all don’t bother with her and block her. Write to me and allow me to deal with the problem appropriately.

“She asks for money or assistance”

Tell me! It is prohibited and I will expose her as a scammer.

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