12 Secrets You Need to Know for a Great First Date

July 24, 2017 at 6.00am by in Dating advice
Great First Date

There are so many reasons as to why a person should know the secrets to a great first date. Every platform regarding dating and lifestyle always features horrible dates. They probably didn’t know what you are about to read. You can easily turn your first date jitters to a perfect date. Check out the 12 secrets to a great first date.

Being single for a long time can be scary. Going on your first date is even scarier. But, if you want to find that special someone, you’ll have to get yourself out there, don’t you? You may think that a date is a waste of time, but first dates can and will get you one step closer to your special someone.


Before the date even happens, prepare yourself. Surely, it’s easier said than done, but trust that you’ll have these down with the proper mindset.

Secret #1 Don’t doubt yourself.

Doubting yourself is the last thing you should do on your first date. Once you think that you are going to fail, you might as well fail. Confidence will clearly show and make anyone, woman or man, more attractive. It will help your date feel more at ease as well.

Secret #2 Prepare early.

This doesn’t mean prepping for the date a whole day, even two, before. “Prepare early” means to note what you’ll wear to make yourself feel confident. You can practice your “game face” in front of a mirror before leaving the house if you have to. If you’ll pick the girl up, make sure your car already has a full tank. More importantly, call early enough to ensure they are still available for the date.

Secret #3 Be positive.

Being positive about the night to come can go hand-in-hand with being confident. Although this is part of preparing early, it is important that you stay positive everything will go right. As mentioned earlier, it is all about mindset.

Secret #4 Make an effort.

Dress up, but do not make it seem like you’re trying too hard. Do not wear clothes that are too uncomfortable for you to enjoy the night. Remember that first impressions can set the mood for the night, dress to be confident and positive.

The Date

You have prepared everything you need to. Made reservations, called to check if the date is still on, found out if you’ll pick her up, or she’ll meet you there. Now, the moment of truth – the date.

Secret #5 Be punctual.

Whether you are picking someone up or not, be punctual. Either be at the place before schedule or be right outside her place a few minutes before the agreed time. Any girl (or guy!) loves punctuality for one reason: no one likes to wait. Beyond increasing the anxiety of the person being stood up, it may make the night uncomfortable. Dates who wait can easily make the night a living nightmare.

Secret #6 Show good manners.

Do you know people say chivalry is dead? Well, it is really not. Chivalry, in essence, focuses on duels between two men. However, one law of chivalry is for a man to always treat a lady with respect. Men are supposed to treat a lady like a lady. If you are picking up your date, make sure to open the car door for her. Place your hand lightly on her back to help “guide her.” You don’t have to guide her, and you’ll know if she is uncomfortable. So, check for body language, and walk beside her instead. Important Note: Do not swear too much.

Secret #7 Focus on your date.

When on your date, DO NOT use your cellphone. You don’t need to be splitting your attention elsewhere but your date and if she’s having a great time. You’re there to get to know each other, so don’t go checking other people out. Even if you think you’re not being obvious, it probably is. Be genuine and keep your body language in check as non-verbal indicators are important.

Secret #8 Use eye contact.

Eye contact together with great body language is one of the many things people forget to do on a date. Making eye contact while having a conversation with your date can make you irresistible in a snap. Don’t stare deeply and risk creeping your date out, though. Simply making sure that you are listening and paying attention to them is great.

Secret #9 Talk about yourself.

Talking about yourself does not mean to tell your date all the great things you have done. Even worse, don’t tell your date about your past relationships. These types of conversations can be saved for later on, on the third or fourth date. Rule of the thumb on this one is: Talk about yourself as to encourage your date to talk about themselves as well. This will help lessen awkward conversations.

Secret #10 Do not get drunk.

Although not all dates involve alcohol, some still need to be reminded that alcohol is not a solution to the unnerving feeling you have on your first date. Pace yourself with drinking or limit yourself to what you can handle. This will lessen possibilities of embarrassing yourself and missing out on the chance of having a great date.

After The Date

Now you are on your way back to your date’s place (or your place). The evening has been going pretty well (Hopefully!). However, you may feel a bit disappointed about one thing that you said or they said that night. If everything went well, should you go in for the kiss? What do you do next?

Secret #11 Do not show disappointment.

If something bothered you during the date, don’t show it right away. It will ruin both your nights, so be wary of what you show. Not everything’s always what you expect; but as it was said earlier, always be positive. If it wasn’t what you expected, you can reassess that for later on.

Secret #12 Give a good night kiss.

“Should I?” You may be debating with yourself if you should kiss her or not. This is the most common part of the night that men get wrong. All of the time. The easiest trick to find out if it’s okay to kiss the girl at the end of the night is to lean in. You will instantly feel the connection if she wants a kiss goodnight for a successful date. Lean in closer to her lips, and let her finish the kiss. If she tilts back, then that is something men will have to respect.

Dating Pro Tip #1: Text her. When the date is over and done with, send a text when you get home. Something as simple as, “I hope you enjoyed the night as much as I did” or “Thank you for tonight. Sleep well.” Basically, don’t be afraid to follow up. Whether she replies or not, that’s on her.

Have you had a great (or bad) date?

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