7 subtle ways Ukrainian women show love

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Some men have said, “I don’t know how she feels about me. Does she like me?” Well, usually, love is a very strong emotion. If someone loves you, you would feel it. If you can’t even feel their love, then it oftentimes means they don’t love you. But in reality, things aren’t that simple because sometimes introverted women rarely express their feelings and we know that many Ukrainian ladies are more introverted than western women. So, I’m going to share seven subtle ways these elegant ladies show love!

#1. She does nice things for you (and you didn’t ask her to do it).

Cooking chicken soup for you? Or sending Justin Timberlake’s latest CD straight to your apartment?

If she is doing things you didn’t ask for, it means she wants to surprise you in a good way. She wants to delight you! This is simply a Ukrainian woman’s way of making you see that she cares about you and she pays attention to what you have said. Also, it definitely means she would like to spend more quality time with you in the long term.

#2. She wants to make your life easier.

When a Ukrainian lady wants to make your life easy by cleaning the house for you or doing your laundry for you, it means she definitely loves you.

Basically, any gesture she does to help you go about your day as smoothly as possible is a positive sign that she is going above & beyond what she normally does for others in her life. She wants to impress you. Hence, she wants to make you very happy!

#3. She introduces you to her family and friends.

If a woman is not sure whether you are the one or not, she will keep her relationship with you and other areas of her life separate. Period.

Yet when she has decided that she is in love with you, all of a sudden, she wants to bring you around her family and friends as quickly as possible so that she can make this relationship official. So, if she invites you to her cousin’s birthday party or her best friend’s wedding, you know she surely loves you!

#4. She hugs you in a genuine way.

Her hug tells you a lot. Remember: physical affection is a strong indicator which reveals a Ukrainian lady’s feelings and emotions. If she would like to put her arms around you when you go out for a walk with her, it means she is very into you.

Indeed, romantic body language is more powerful than romantic words because people may say something that they don’t really feel, but body language doesn’t lie.

#5. She looks after herself.

I know this sounds less understandable. But please let me explain.

When a Ukrainian woman is in love with you, she wants to make sure her life is good so that you will be attracted to her. Therefore, she would dress better and wear makeup every day. She would go to the gym and work out regularly. She would read more books so that she can have more intelligent conversations with you. All of these are her efforts – she wants to have a future with you. She wants to keep you!

#6. She is willing to be vulnerable.

If a woman is introverted, chances are she wouldn’t share her emotions and feelings easily. But if she chooses to share her true feelings with you, it means she certainly likes you.

Not everyone embraces vulnerability fully, so when that happens, you must cherish each moment with her!

#7. She wants to know more about you during conversations.

When a lady from Ukraine is in love with you, she will not keep talking about herself on a date.

She will want to ask questions about you because she is curious, because she is attracted!

So, you should totally share more about you with her so that she can have a better understanding of who you are and how she is supposed to interact with you in the long run if this relationship is going to be a long-term, serious and meaningful relationship.

Please note that a relationship will not solve your deeper issues.

Because human beings are social creatures, we love relationships. That’s totally understandable. But having a relationship isn’t necessarily better than being single – this is the truth that many people don’t want to admit.

In reality, a relationship doesn’t solve your deeper problems; it magnifies your problem. Let me put it this way: being with a woman who spends almost every single day with you, seeing you at your most irritating, most frustrating / showing all your strange daily habits and unstable moods you could hide from your friends and family. This makes you very vulnerable.

I would argue that a relationship may test you in ways that you have never been tested. Don’t get me wrong. If the relationship is good, you can solve problems together successfully. However, no matter what kind of relationship you have, problems will rock up. That is just a part of life.

Romantic relationships are not supposed to be safe. Only the right relationships are safe.

Truthfully, a romantic relationship where you have incompatible value systems or completely different blueprints is basically a time-bomb. Nonetheless, many individuals think having a relationship is being secure, even though they are with the wrong candidates.

Also, after a Ukrainian lady has chosen you, she doesn’t have to live with whatever you throw at her, okay? You always have to strive to improve yourself.

If you are demanding, controlling, needy or high-maintenance, she doesn’t really have to put up with all your flaws. Remember: romantic relationships are usually ruined by people’s worst traits rather than a lack of good qualities. I know you probably can’t get rid of all your flaws, but you surely can mitigate your worst behaviors.

A happy couple keep the spark alive at all times. They work on making each other satisfied. They do many things to keep their partner attracted. They want to turn their partner on. They make flirting an important part of their lives. Now you can ask yourself, “How can I make my Ukrainian bride as attracted to me in the 70th year as she were in the first year?”

What if she doesn’t like you….

Let’s say a lady doesn’t return your feelings, there is no shame in waking up one day and figuring out that it’s a wrong relationship. You just need to move on.

Don’t try to win her over if it’s obviously unrequited love. Hoping that she will change her mind is merely slowing you down and prodding the wound brutally. In order to move on, you must move away from her.

So long as you still go out with her, you won’t separate from those feelings. You need the space. You need more time for yourself. You need to feed your soul with new sources of nourishment, fulfilment, joy and inspiration. For instance, you can go to the gym and start a diet. You can learn a new skill. You can meet new friends.

“Feeding your curiosities and interests makes you a more attractive man.”

  • Anthony

    Can someone ever get contact info? If both agree?

    • Keith

      Hi Anthony

      Yes, just request her details from her profile. If she agrees, then you will exchange details. If she does not know you or you have had very limited communication, she may say no, for now

      If you are a citizen of USA, you will need to complete IMBRA documentation first.


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