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August 21, 2014 at 1.00am by in Online Dating

Last week I received a phone call from a very angry man. His voice was raised and he would not let me get a word in edgewise.

I let him say what he had to say and when he finally allowed me to respond to him I found that he was not a user of our site but had just returned from a trip to Ukraine using another sites services where a group of men make the trip to attend a social and meet the local ladies, with the intention of finding someone special.

The trip turned out to be a total waste of time and money. The men and ladies did not know each other, many could hardly communicate and most of the ladies were only there to have a great time at the mans expense.

It was obvious to the man that this was an arrangement between the tour operator and a local agency as a money making venture, so he proceeded to get some details including a few of the ladies names and photos and the agency concerned.

He was calling me to say how angry he was with the industry and that if I had dealings with this agency and their ladies I had better do something about it urgently. He also asked if I had anything to do with the tour operator.

When I advised him that we had long past recognised the agency as a scammer and stopped working with them and that he could see the same agency manager and ladies listed on our scammer profiles he was taken aback. When I also said that we do not take tours where ladies and men are unknown to each other because the chances of success are almost nil he went silent.

He did not realise that there is a legitimate site out there that does something about these situations.

I used his silence to get across my disappointment that he had made the trip to find his love without even knowing any of the ladies. No wonder he came back alone and disenchanted.

Unfortunately there are some misconceptions about a ladies life in Ukraine and some sites and agencies exploit this to make money.

There are misconceptions that most ladies live a miserable existence in Ukraine and long for a life in a foreign country. Any foreign man that appears that has enough money to escort her out of the country can do it at will. This could not be further from the truth.

Ukraine is a beautiful country that has its problems – as all countries do. The ladies enjoy their families and friends, they are patriotic and they live and work happily. There are greater opportunities for career advancement and fulfilling life’s potential in foreign countries and many Ukraine ladies look for this. If it happens, then great.

However, even if they do find a foreign country to settle in, they will not lose their Ukraine heritage, they will still contact family and friends, they will remain patriotic and they will want to visit home often.

Too many men believe the misconceptions that Ukraine ladies are sitting on a shelf waiting for the first foreign man to come and whisk them off to a new life. Many men also wonder why the lady is still not available on the site when he has not written to her for months and wants to resume correspondence.

Hello!!!! These ladies live, breath and grow. They are real and they enjoy life. Don’t expect them to be waiting for you to change their life for your convenience – it does not happen like that. They look for an opportunity to improve their life and hope that love will make that a possibility, but they do not need rescuing.

I think I was the one doing the shouting at the end of the call.

  • Kelly

    Hi Keith

    as most of you know you can see me on the front of the this website with my Sveta. I came back to see what news and how any other men are going with their search. After about 2 months we now have all of the paperwork done for our visas and i will be back in Ukraine 26th or 27th of December. this will allow me to celebrate Sveta’s birthday and also spend christmas with my new family, assuming i am invited! We will leave for Australia on the 15th of January with a 24 hour stop over in France.

    I just wanted to say how very lucky i an to have found this website which allowed me to find my Sveta. I can not speak about other website, tour operators or agencies but this website and Jasmin models in Zaporozhye are totally transparent so you can trust them. I am still in weekly contact with my friend stas who is now back in the United Kingdom with his parents. So not only did i find my Sveta and Renat but a new family and new friends. I will visit Jasmin models when i go back in december just to say privet. (hi) I am also learning russian and Sveta in learning english. Sveta was worried by the cost of a lesson 50 UAH (US$4) per hour. My lessons cost US$45 per hour. Just goes to show that these women are not in it for the money, they want to find their life partner, they have not had any luck in their own country so they search overseas, just like us guys. It is not a simply process, language barriers do cause problems, especially online translators but it is worth every effort, time and money. if you want to talk direct keith has my details. Good luck in your search guys. With keiths permission i will keep you all posted

    • keith

      Hi Kelly

      Thank you for the message and the update on how things are progressing.

      We are all delighted for you and we are delighted that you keep us informed.

      We also appreciate your positive comments about us and our staff. We work very hard to offer exceptional service and it is rewarding to get positive feedback

      Please continue to keep us informed and our best wishes to you and Sveta

      Best wishes



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