Short Messages Are Available Soon!

January 12, 2016 at 8.41pm by in Online Dating

We have had many requests for us to introduce a short message option, almost like an sms option and we are pleased to say that this will be available with the next few days.

If you only want to send your lady a short message we have now changed the message settings so that any message under 150 characters will be a short message and will have a very low cost of just 1 credit, including the reply from the lady.

The great features with this are:
It is only 1 credit including the ladies reply
You can attach free photos with a short message
You can use your current conversation string to send short messages to your lady
Short messages are stored just like long messages in the same conversation with your lady
The lady can only write a short message in reply to your short message, not a long message

As short messages are often sent as a quick message, the lady can use her own translate program to reply rather than have her message professionally translated, as she must do with long letters. This will mean she can answer your short message as soon as she opens it.

We know that this new option will be popular and we are pleased to add it to the features on the site.

Also, Can we ask that you review your profile and add your city to the profile if you have not already done so. Our system automatically determines your timezone based on your city making it very simple for all your bookings through the site to be automatically shown in your own time.

This is a feature that we have that simplifies your use of the site – but does rely on you loading your city onto your profile


  • kareem

    i love travelling and knowing different things about life and culture,i am a good listener and i care about people around me,i love sport and i do sport , horse riding ,reading novels and hanging out with my best friend

    i want a man with vision,responsibilty,honesty and abitious

    • Keith

      Hi Kareem
      Please contact us at [email protected] and we can discuss if we are able to help you

  • Peteuk

    The new short message service is very good. It allows for more instantaneous communication with the ladies for a quick ‘Hello’ every day or even a polite ‘goodbye’..!
    And it doesn’t affect the need to compose longer, more informative messages. Well done.

    • Keith

      Thanks Pete
      We always look for ways of making the site and the service better
      We are pleased you like it

  • Keith

    When was the last time you implemented something that did not cost men more money?

    • Keith

      Hi Keith
      Thank you for your comment.
      We implement improvements on a regular basis and many of them are free features and many of them save the men money – as this feature has. This short message option now offers an alternative for men who only wish to send a short message to a lady – and this has been requested by many men.
      Previously men had to pay full price for messages whether they were long or short. This offers an option that is a 60% reduction on that previous cost.
      Improvements are being made to our site and our features daily – todays improvement was the ability for men to click a button and report suspicious behaviour by any ladies. This will send us a message and ask us to check the suspicious behaviour and report back to the man. This feature is free.
      We have not implemented anything on the site that cost the men more money since we introduced the video chat feature several years ago.
      I hope this answers your question
      Thanks again

  • dave ellis

    Just tried your new short message service , but I was very disappointed to find that the 150 character limit includes all spaces , starts of paragraphs , commas , full stops , in fact every time you press a key it counts it as a character!!
    In essence , you will be lucky if you can send a message of more than 30 words!!
    Not really a short message system in my opinion. It should really have been 150 words and not 150 presses of the keyboard!!

    • Keith

      Hi Dave
      We had many requests for this from members who wanted the ability to send a short message, such as a text or sms, rather than have to pay full price for a quick note or update. Unfortunately characters are the determinant in length and these always include spaces, comma’s etc. We may look to increase this from 150 to allow more to be included.


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