Six Amazing Places to Visit in Kiev

Planning a trip to Kiev soon? The Ukraine is full of fascinating and exciting things to do, especially in Kiev. As the capital city of Ukraine, Kiev is ancient and progressively modern all at the same time. While it has plenty of respect for tradition, all of the most modern conveniences are close at hand in this vibrant and amazingly lovely city.

Local Bazaars

The local bazaars in Kiev are one of the most traditional – and charming – places you can possibly visit. At the local bazaars, you’ll find an abundance of fresh produce, flowers, traditional Ukrainian foods, and handcrafted items like candles. The Bessarabsky Bazaar and the Zhytniy Bazaar are both popular options, with both easily reachable by foot or by metro.

The Museum of Miniatures

The Museum of Minatures is a fascinating way to spend an afternoon, either by yourself or with someone very special. There, you will find everything from the tiniest dollhouse furniture to a gold chess set that can fit on one of your fingers. You’ll also find curiosities such as a miniature windmill placed on a poppy seed and a whole mini caravan of camels placed within the eye of a needle.

Independence Square

In Independence Square, you’ll find bubbling fountains, the Statue to Ukrainian Independence, and a host of charming small cafes. Take some time to visit a little cafe with that special person in your life. You can bond over tea (the traditional drink) or coffee and revel in the people watching opportunities.

Pirogovo Open Air Museum

This unique open air museum allows you the opportunity to find out more about all the different parts of the Ukraine. Each region is represented by buildings with different architecture and a display of the culture that makes that region unique. This museum is a massively sprawling one that features homes, churches with a rich history, wells, and other buildings that represent pivotal points in the history of the areas they represent.

Kiev Pechersk Lavra Monastery

This monastery was established in 1051 and is active to this day. This site, known as the Lavra, is a leading center of Eastern Orthodox Christianity for Eastern Europeans. Along with the stunning Saint Sophia Cathedral, the Lavra is a UNESCO World Heritage site. The monastery is a very popular tourist attraction thanks to its stunning architecture and is called one of the Seven Wonders of the Ukraine.

Golden Gate

The Golden Gate is an ancient structure, dating back to the 11th century. This gate was the primary gate for the city of Kiev at that time. The gate was created as an homage to the Golden Gate of Constantinople. While it was dismantled during the Middle Ages, the Soviet government rebuilt the gate in 1982. The gate serves as a major tourist attraction for Kiev visitors who want to learn more about the history of the area.

If you’re a visitor to the Ukraine, all of the above places are must-see stops. Bring along someone you love for the ultimate enjoyment of the area. Even if they have lived in Kiev all of their lives, the joy of discovering the places with you will make these tourist stops brand new to them!


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