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The happy story how Steve met Marina!

Hello I was asked to share my story on how I met Marina and tell you about our story as she has also done this, so when you see our stories they will be similar.
Back in august 2015 is where this amazing story begins, because I think this was the most important and significant event that has ever happened in my life and don’t get me wrong I have had many great things happen to me .
I had been on the dating site a few times but was losing interest and really thought it was a bit of a waste of time and money lots of request and it just didn’t seem to be real the girls where nice to talk to but no spark, so I made the decision to leave and I opened my laptop and seen I still had some credit left so I thought I would use it, so I logged in and saw that there two girls online and one was Marina, so we made contact and I was not planning to carry on the conversation and just say hi.
Still to this day I remember when the camera came online and we saw each other for the first time, I’m not too sure what came over me but I’m sure time stopped for a second there was a feeling of butterflies in my stomach and we just smiled at each other and began to talk, I was lost in her and for the time we talked and from that moment I fell in love with her and I wanted to tell her but didn’t want her to think I was crazy.
So as you might guess I didn’t leave the site and in a few days I told her how I was feeling as I couldn’t hold these thoughts in and Marina was feeling the same and we continued to talk everyday for the next month, I was not interested in looking for any other woman because all I could think about was her even knowing she was on the other side of the planet it didn’t cross my mind that we would not be together.
So I left and talked to her out of site and continued talking and planning to see each other in real, so in feb 2016 I headed over to see her and go on a trip around the west of Ukraine, we spent an amazing time together I remember arriving at the airport and the door at customs opening and their she was and finally we were able to hold each other which we both had been dreaming about for what seemed so long.
Everything about the trip was natural and comfortable we held hands everywhere we went, Marina always would sit beside me at the restaurant I just didn’t want it to end and was very difficult to leave as I knew I was leaving my soul mate .
But now we are getting plans for her to visit here and start planning our life and I’m sure it won’t be easy but know I will never give up on her and her son.
So to people who go on the dating sites I never thought I would be writing to tell my story, but when you are in love with each other and its from the soul it doesn’t matter where you are in the world, how much money you have, where you meet, as Marina puts it something clicks and you just want to be with this person they become the most beautiful person in the world and you would do anything for them and that’s how I feel about my Angel Marina I want to share my life with her and grow old .
And every day that goes on the love I have for her will never fade she is my sweetheart my babe my everything.

Good luck in your search never give up and be yourself


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  • kyle

    Well done Steve , I know it’s a long way and lots of paper work to get to Ukraine and not the easiest country to navigate without the language. Best of luck with your future .



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