Asking Someone Out: Subtle Ways to Flirt

August 7, 2017 at 6.00am by in Dating advice
Subtle Ways to Flirt

Going on a first date can be very exciting and nerve-wracking at the same time. Let alone when you are the one who will have to make the first move of asking someone out. If you have been thinking about asking a person out for a date, you definitely have to make at least a little preparation. You just can’t show up to someone and ask them to go out with you, because you might not just hear the response you would like to hear.

Because people love to feel special, admired and wanted, you might want to make sure this is how you make a person feel so that you can get that yes to your invitation. While it is nice to have a nice plan in mind, knowing how to subtly flirt is just equally important.

Here are some helpful tips for the best ways to flirt and asking someone out for a date.

1. Smile and make eye contact

These are the basics of flirting but when you do these things, it will make it easy for people to approach you. That is because when they notice that you look friendly and approachable, they won’t look intimidated. Therefore, they will feel brave to walk over and say hi. In addition, you also will look attractive when you smile, so you definitely become an eye catcher the moment you show off those pearly whites.

2. Write a note

This may be an old practice but it never dies. Passing a handwritten note is still something romantic and an instant charmer. Give it a try and who knows that napkin passed on to your crush might just be your lucky charm.

3. Buy them a drink

A popular way to initiate a conversation is by offering to buy someone a drink. As soon as you get that chance to talk, it is now going to be a lot easier for you to invite them for a date. And if you are lucky because they are interested in you, they will certainly accept your invitation.

4. Pay for their order or their coffee

If you are attracted to someone you probably have seen in a coffee shop, you can get the chance to talk to them by paying for their coffee. This is also a subtle way of letting them know that you are interested. And if they accept it, it only means one thing and that is because the feeling is mutual.

5. Break the ice

If you feel very shy to walk over and talk to someone, just mutter up all the courage you can get and say something. Ask some basic questions like; where they are from or just anything under the sun. You can’t just let this chance go or you may not have it again. This applies to both men and women. If you are a woman, you will actually look more attractive if you can confidently approach a man and strike a conversation.

6. Give a compliment

Giving a person a compliment is also a good way to catch the attention of the person you are attracted to. Everybody feels great when they know that they are admired and appreciated. Making someone feel flattered by your compliment can go a long way. You can say something about their clothes, their look or just anything good that you think is noticeable. If you make them feel special, you are more likely to get that yes.

7. Look for a common ground

When you are finally able to muster the courage to initiate a conversation, try to look for a common ground. This way, when you ask them out for a date, they will be more likely to say yes because they will think that they are sharing some common things with you. They will find it interesting that you have some things in common to discuss and enjoy, so they will entertain the idea of going out with you. When you also find out what they like, it will help you make some plans on what you need to do or where to bring them during your first date.

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