Talking to Ukraine brides: How to Make Your Fear of Rejection Irrelevant

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In order to find a high-quality Ukrainian bride, quantity matters because quantity leads to quality in dating and relationships. By that I mean when you only choose one out of one option, chances are it’s a bad choice. In contrast, when you have 10 options and you only need to choose one of them, obviously you can select the best candidate more easily. Therefore, you have to maximize your chance of meeting the right woman by meeting many qualified candidates in the first place. Yes, you might meet some wrong women, and that’s only a part of the journey.

Looking for a job VS looking for love:

Let’s say you are looking for a job, so you attend many job interviews. Some of them will reject you and you may turn down some job offers because they are not the right positions for you. There is nothing wrong with that. And later on, you will find the right job and the organization offers you the job – that is the right match. Hopefully this analogy makes sense.

Finding the right Ukrainian bride isn’t too different from the job-hunting process. That is to say, if you are doing things right, you should be rejected and you should reject some women. With this mindset, isn’t it liberating?!

By contrast, if every Ukrainian woman that you approach accepts you, that’s actually a problem, because it means you are only reaching for the low-hanging fruit without realizing your potential.

However, when a lady rejects you, at least you know you’ve tried your best. No regret, no worries. 😊

After a rejection, just keep looking for love.

You can always get your money back, but you can never get your time back. Apparently, time is your most valuable asset. I know a man who was rejected by a woman that he liked when he was 21 years old. He avoided dating altogether for 8 years after that painful rejection. That means he wasted 8 years of his precious time in the dating department by dating nobody, just because a random woman gave him a rejection when he was 21 years of age & he actually thought that woman was that important. Unfortunately, that lady didn’t even know she had so much power. You know what, she doesn’t care either.

Remember: Never let women who have rejected you control your love life.

If you think you are still young, soon you will be old. If you think you are already old, soon you will be even older. This is a fact that most people don’t want to talk about.

Never allow your fear of rejection to hold you back in your love life, for you shouldn’t waste your youthful years. Always remember: a confident guy doesn’t allow fear of rejection to stand in his way, as compared to rejection, he fears regret more.

It’s time to get out of your comfort zone.

If you have fear of rejection, it means you are only human. There is nothing wrong with you. But that also means you want to stay in your comfort zone which doesn’t help you improve.

Now I’d like you to take some calculated risks on a daily basis. Do something that slightly scares you. For instance, when you finish reading this article today, you will go to the local coffee shop and ask the shopkeeper to give you a discount for the coffee.

When you stand in the queue in the coffee shop tomorrow and there is a lady standing behind you, I want you to say this to the barista, “I’d like a Cappuccino and I will pay for her coffee as well.” Make sure the woman behind you can hear this and can see your face while you are saying this to the barista. Then you will enjoy her reaction. I can almost guarantee that she will have an instant date with you as long as you are reasonably attractive and she is single. 😉

When you know you’ve already tried your best, at least you can sleep well at night. What should keep you awake at night is knowing that you didn’t put yourself out there to take a risk in the first place.

After taking daily risks like that for a while, your comfort zone will change. You will have a bigger comfort zone. Remember: What you want is always outside your comfort zone. Once you’ve got this mindset, women from Ukraine will find you more confident and more attractive as a result.

Bonus ideas for taking calculated risks:

  1. Send a well-written message to a woman who is possibly out of your league on the Ukrainian dating website.
  2. Talk to three new women every day (women that you meet in the street, in the supermarket or in a restaurant). It doesn’t have to be a man-to-woman interaction; it only needs to be some kind of interaction.
  3. Ask for a woman’s phone number when you notice that she likes you. (You know she likes you when she gives you positive signals such as touching her hair or her neck while talking to you. Another signal is she asks you questions such as “What’s your name?” and “What do you do?” – Then you should ask for her phone number.)
  4. Contact a woman that you met when you were young at school on Facebook, even though you haven’t talked to each other for many years.
  5. Invite your female friends to a party where you are the alpha male.
  6. Organize a big party and invite everyone you know.
  7. Go to Ukraine and meet Ukrainian ladies there.
  8. Go to a university campus and talk to people on campus.
  9. Join a cruise ship and spend a week on the ship with a group of people (some of them are women).
  10. Start a business or a side hustle.

When you are an attractive guy with options, rejections become irrelevant.

I have a discovery: When a confident guy lives in abundance and has many options around him, rejections become irrelevant in his life.

As a matter of fact, an attractive guy who is also experienced has strong dating skills. That also means he has made a lot of mistakes in the process, but his successful love life makes those mistakes irrelevant.

I know a very successful guy like that, and now he is married to a high-value Ukrainian wife. He used to be a seasoned dater. He never worried about rejection.

That means guys with good dating skills have less fear of rejection, whereas guys without good dating skills have more fear of rejection. Hence, attractive guys become more attractive, while unattractive guys become less attractive. The gap is becoming wider and wider.

Similarly, the rich get richer, whilst the poor get poorer, for the rich have more resources to make even more money, yet the poor have less leverage to get rich. Sad but true. Therefore, if you’d like to make rejections irrelevant and become a high-value guy that ladies from Ukraine feel attracted to, you have to work on your dating skills. Good dating skills will remove your fear of rejection automatically because it will make this fear irrelevant.

“Don’t let your fear hold you back.”

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