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You will have noticed last week that we made a small change to the on-line ladies profiles – there is now a small camera icon next to the ladies that have camera’s so that you can see which ladies have camera’s before you decide who to chat with.

Following on from this we have introduced text chat where you can text chat with a lady without camera or microphone. It is much cheaper and is great for initial introductions, but I would recommend you continue with video chat when you are serious about the lady, especially if you are thinking of visiting her.

We have launched the text chat with a very special price of just 20 cents per minute. This is unbelievable value and allows everyone to try it – which is the intention. Please note that this is only an introductory offer and the special will only last one week before reverting to the normal price of 40 cents per minute.

During a chat you can switch to video chat and also back to text chat if you wish and both text and video chat have auto translate so that you can instantly understand each other.

If you want to try the text chat – do it now!

I have also received a number of queries from men asking why we have increased the cost of purchasing a ladies personal contact details. There are a number of reasons we have done this.

We don’t charge anything for joining the site, nor do we charge any monthly subscriptions, nor any recurring charges, nor do we insist on a minimum amount of correspondence with the lady before you request her details. There are many men who join the site for nothing and immediately request a ladies contact details. Many of these men don’t go through with the purchase making it a total waste of time for all concerned, including the lady who was asked if she would allow the man to have her details. This is why we insist on payment of the fee with the request, not after she agrees. If she declines the request, we will refund your credits.

However, the most important reason we increased the charge is because we are proud of offering a genuine site and we care about your experience with us. We would prefer that you stay with us until you meet the lady so that we can assist you and make your dream a reality. If you leave us and communicate directly and then make your own arrangements to visit her we have no idea what is happening and we offer no guarantees. You made the choice to do it this way.

I am sorry but I will not relent on the increase in price for the request of a ladies contact details. In the scheme of things, this fee is minimal in any courting process, even within your own country.

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