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Mark is a friend of mine who was married to an energy vampire. According to Dr. Christiane Northrup, about 20% of the population are either Cluster Bs or have vampire traits. In other words, 1 in 5 individuals are energy vampires. Research shows that every energy vampire affects around 5 people. Consequently, many people are either directly or indirectly affected by Cluster Bs/energy vampires & chances are you are either in a relationship with one of those or know somebody who is currently in a relationship with one of them, particularly if you’re a highly sensitive person or an empath. This article is for people who have been affected by energy vampires / are divorced because their ex-partners are Cluster Bs / would like to know how to protect themselves against toxic people. If you are divorced because your ex is an energy vampire, please look after yourself during this transition period and then remember to join our online dating site where you can meet genuine women from Eastern Europe.

  • How to recognize Cluster Bs:

Cluster Bs are quite common. They can be a colleague, a parent or even a so-called “friend” in your life. Nonetheless, you might not recognize an energy vampire unless you are threatened by one, for they are usually the most charming people who knows how to love-bomb everyone. After that, they shame you for your age, body size, social status, where you are from, how you talk, etc. Sometimes Cluster Bs are distant and moody; as a consequence, you have to walk on eggshells while admiring/praising them in order to keep the peace, which strongly affects your self-esteem and you might even think something must be fundamentally wrong with you. Apparently, living with the low self-esteem and chronic stress caused by the Cluster B could lead to inflammation in your body because too much cortisol results in inflammation. A lot of empaths and highly sensitive people don’t know Cluster Bs have ruined their health and wellbeing until they are very unwell.

Fortunately, there are many ways to protect yourself effectively. I highly recommend consulting with qualified psychologists who understand how Cluster Bs operate and how to recover from a divorce. Meanwhile, I’d like to offer you some practical strategies that will help you protect yourself against Cluster Bs today.

  • If you left a Cluster B….

Many divorced people don’t know that they were married to energy vampires. Some of them can’t believe their ex-partners are Cluster Bs. Nevertheless, it’s very important to acknowledge the truth, even though it’s quite unpleasant.

Please realize that Cluster Bs do exist. The majority of individuals who are married to Cluster Bs are empaths / highly sensitive people. Empaths generally believe that everybody is kind and oftentimes stay in bad relationships for too long because they always find ways to make excuses for Cluster Bs. It’s hard to admit that Cluster Bs are only in it for themselves as they lack empathy 100% & they never care about you. The uncomfortable truth certainly hurts. As a result, knowing that some people are Cluster Bs is the first step which will help you to protect yourself well.

After being married to a Cluster B for a long time, you may lose the capability of believing your gut instincts. Now I’d like you to trust your gut feeling again by asking these questions: 1) Does that person lie to you repeatedly? 2) Why does that person lie to you? 3) How does that person treat the waiter/waitress in the café or restaurant? 4) How does that person treat the receptionist of the company they work for/visit? 5) How does that person treat the call center agent who answered the phone and helped them with something? If you can’t see how that person treats you clearly, analyze how that person treats people who have less power than them – that’s their real attitude which is shaped by their real worldview. If you need professional support, go to see a psychologist who will be your reality-check consultant. Cluster Bs always fight for control at all times, so you need some support on your side. Remember: Your needs, emotions and feelings also count in this world & you are supposed to live a happy life when you are here. Just say no to Cluster Bs every single time. Please give yourself the acknowledgement that you deserve and pat yourself on the back – now you’re divorced and you are looking for the right person on this online dating platform.

  • How about some quality time with yourself?

Simply take 20-30 minutes each day for yourself so that you can do something positive to support your health and wellbeing. Try visualizing all toxic energy leaving your body. A friend of mine got a divorce a few years ago and is still single because he needs quality time with himself. He was very angry, so he channeled his anger into building a successful business. Now he is a wildly successful business owner and is ready to try online dating right now. His motto: “The best revenge is living well.”

Tom Bilyeu says, “Anger is actually a productive mood because it makes you keep going, work harder and become more efficient & effective. Anger is so much better than depression, anxiety and fear.” That is obviously right. If you are angry because your ex is an energy vampire, well, I have some good news for you: Now you are the most productive version of yourself & your life is about to be transformed!

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