Till Death Us Do part

November 14, 2013 at 2.02am by in Online Dating

I went to the funeral on Monday of a lady who had been unwell for some time. Her and her husband have been friends of mine for many years and they had just celebrated their 45th wedding anniversary.

It was a sad occasion in that they had been together for so long and were so close that you cant help feeling that her husband will be a lost soul for quite some time as he carries on alone after such a long time together with her. I don’t think he has fully accepted her passing yet and probably has not thought about the emptiness that will now confront him. This will take quite some getting used to for him.

During the ceremony I could not help but think of what a wonderful lifetime together they had shared and to see the family there being very supportive and close I realised that marriages that have lasted this long are quite rare now and that this may make the separation more difficult to deal with.

It made me think about the reason I set up our site www.ukrainebridesagency.com in the first place – to offer a genuine Ukraine marriage site for men and women who are searching for a lifelong partner and to start a new and exciting life together. I know that each time we have a new and successful relationship from the site that we are reinvigorated to keep improving and go to the next level of professionalism.

My friends were blessed to have 45 loving years together and there are so many people who would cherish such a loving and devoted partner for much less than that and I am pleased that we decided to set up the site and present the opportunity for whoever chooses to use our services.

The way forward has not always been easy for us and there are men and women who constantly make things difficult, whether expounding their disapproval of the Ukraine dating industry or doing all they can to make gain out of it at someone elses expense. However, we have worked our way through these issues and will continue to into the future as we strive to be the best choice on the internet.

We are proud of what we have achieved and the work that we have put in and the service that we provide. We thank you all for your trust and confidence.

Rest in Peace Emmeline.

  • Michael

    Hi Keith,

    Thank you for sharing the great story about your dear friends, Emmeline and her husband. It does my heart good to hear of their wonderful and loving 45 years of marriage. I too have witnessed loving marriages just like theirs in my lifetime.

    I was fortunate to be raised by a wonderful mother and father who were married for 37 years. During the last ten years of my father’s life, he had Leukemia, and my mother was so devoted to him in every way, taking care of him, in good times and bad, in sickness and in health, and being so loving and giving to him right up until his early and tragic death at age 57 in 1990.

    A few years later, God blessed her when she met another wonderful man who had lost his wife to cancer. Though he was 15 years her senior, they fell in love, and had a great life and marriage together for over 18 years until his death at the age of 90 in 2011.

    When I married my ex-wife in 1990, all I wanted was the same kind of loving and devoted marriage my parents had. But after 21 years of marriage, she met a younger man on the interent, an old school friend, and left me and our children to be with him.

    What I call a “Traditional Marriage” (one like my parents had, and my mother and stepfather had) has been dying here in America and other parts of the world for the past four decades, ever since the introdution of the so-called “feminist” movement in the 1960’s and 70’s. Unfortunately, my ex-wife was born during this time and became a “product” of the feminist movement. But that topic is for another blog, I guess.

    Your website, Keith, and the beautiful and wonderful women of Ukraine, and the “traditional” culture and history of Ukraine, has given me hope that there still are women in the world who want and desire a “traditional marriage” relationship. I just want a woman who will let me be a man, just like my father and stepather were men. Men who greatly respected women, and who did not get crazy looks from a woman when they opened her car door, or helped her with her chair, or stood up when she walked into the room. Men who did everything in their power to create an incredible life for the “love of their life” and made sure she had the best of everything. I thought those days, regarding traditional marriage, were over until I found your web site and the beautiful Slavic culture (and women).

    Well, I just want to thank you Keith for creating a website where “traditional thinking,” kind, and loving men (like me) can come and find their soulmate, maybe even one as lovely and wonderful…as Emmeline.

    No matter what anyone says, Keith, you and your staff keep doing what you are doing with your web site and I believe your rewards will manifest in the formation of thousands of loving marriages of couples who met and fell in love because of your web site.

    Thanks my friend.


    • keith

      Hi Michael

      I thank you for your sincere words.

      It is not always easy to provide the service that men look for because they have been wronged elsewhere and join us with pre-conceived ideas about what we are trying to do.

      I am pleased that we have managed to show you what we are all about

      Best wishes



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