Time is Precious

July 4, 2013 at 1.02am by in Online Dating

We have started on a campaign to make the site a little leaner to save you wasted time.

While we have many new ladies listed every week (and you can see some of them below) we also have ladies who become inactive for a variety of reasons and they dont delete their profiles.

They may have found love, changed their mind or just decided that their special man is not out there at the moment. This causes problems when a man sees her profile, becomes interested and writes to her.

We will refund his credits after 7 days when she has not replied, but it is a week of wasted time for him so we are taking action.

We are going through all the profiles and asking the agencies to help us to remove inactive or dormant profiles. We only want the site to list ladies who are active and responsive and we will continue this checking process on an ongoing basis.

There are also men who waste our time and we want to curtail this as much as we can so that we can continue with site improvements, rather than being bogged down with fruitless requests.

This includes men requesting ladies contact details and then not going through with the request when the lady agrees, giving quotes for travel requests and then he never travels and assisting with accommodation and VISA assistance for someone who changes his mind.

For this reason we have had to implement a small fee for these services. This will mean that only guys who use the site and who are serious about the requests will submit them.

We derive great satisfaction from helping someone who is genuine and grateful and this will give us a little more time to provide that additional service.

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