Tips For Giving Gifts To Your Ukraine Girl And Avoid Being Scammed

September 2, 2016 at 7.31pm by in Slavic Women
Ukraine Girl

Girls love presents of all forms, but there are a few staples that cut across cultures and countries. Ukrainian girls tend to be feminine and prefer the standard things associated with femininity, so it’s safe to say that they’ll be happy with flowers and chocolates, as well as cute, quirky costume jewelry. However, there are girls who abuse their prospective fiancés’ enthusiasm, and so, we shall help you draw the line.

Why Give Gifts

  • Because you want her to be happy.
  • Because the happiness in your heart is overwhelming, you just have to share it.
  • Because you want to show her how much you care about her.

How To Give Gifts To Your Ukraine Girl

  • Give gifts that are very personal—make sure that you catch a unique detail about her likes. Say, she loves cats. Get her a pair of cat earrings from Etsy, in the color and markings of her own pet cat. Things like these are very appreciated.
  • Give gifts that don’t necessarily have much monetary value, but have a whole lot in emotional value. Does your Ukraine girl have a longing to visit India someday? Ask a friend to send you a shawl from India. Things that have unique emotional associations are those that matter.
  • Give gifts that are rare in her area. Say, you want to buy her chocolate. Make sure that the chocolate brand you want to give her cannot be bought in her area. This way, she will appreciate the effort you put into bringing her something unique.

When Not To Give Gifts

  • Don’t give gifts because she dragged you into the store. When your Ukraine girl attempts to pull this on you, run the other way, fast. If you must run with a heavy heart, then do it, just run. As countless blogs advise, a Ukrainian lady who compels her man to give her increasingly-expensive gifts isn’t a lady at all! And neither is she there for the relationship; she’s basically there for your money. So, even though it’s a decision to make, run. Not just for the health of your wallet, but also because you can’t afford to live a lie, should it progress to that.
  • Don’t give gifts because she wheedled you to. Do not allow yourself to be manipulated for money or expensive gifts. Remember, gifts that have strong emotional value should be appreciated by a Ukraine woman who is truly interested in you as a person. If you notice that the gifts she asks for are all expensive and are status symbols, it’s time to rethink the relationship. And again, run if you have to!
  • When she requires you to give gifts as a “proof of your love.” Love cannot be quantified. Sure, you and your Ukraine lady may have met in a medium that may or may not be able to give lasting love, or may “incubate” relationships too fast for comfort, but communication is still communication, even if it’s through the internet. Trust can still be extended and nurtured, even through online communications. So if she needed to know and feel that you love her, or at least care about and have affection for her, there is no need to prove it in the form of expensive gifts. A woman who is there for true love will even consent to a proper prenup.

Yes, marriage is still a legal and financial agreement, but the search for companionship, for love, even, transcends the legalities and the nitty-gritties of money. Money should never poison the quest for true love. And if your Ukraine woman shows signs of being in a relationship with you only for money, may you have the courage to walk away—and choose another from the sea of Ukrainian women.

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