Top Ten Practical Tips When Traveling To Ukraine

June 2, 2016 at 2.20pm by in International Dating
traveling to Ukraine

When traveling to Ukraine, there are some things that are just practical to know. We want you to have the best time during your stay in the Ukraine. One of the things that you should know is that the official language is Ukrainian. The language is very close to Russian, though Russian is spoken as the second language by a great many Ukrainian people. There are a few places, however, that use Russian as their primary language. If you’re planning to visit theUkraine, there are probably some questions that you may have regarding your visit. Below are ten practical tips to lend a hand on your vacation.

  1. Arrival

When you arrive in the Ukraine, the first thing that you need to do is avoid the kindly gentlemen who will inevitably offer you a “taxi service” right at the gate. Many of these people aren’t actually taxi drivers or from a legitimate company and may try to charge you more than normal or worse. Only use a taxi service that is legitimate and that you can call on the phone to pick you up. There are brochures and good information found at the information desk. Do this when leaving your hotel as well. The staff at your hotel will be able to help you with this. If you run into a language barrier problem, many of the staff at the hotel and even the airport speak English. Also, look for younger generation people because most of them are bilingual and many of them speak enough English to help you out

  1. Money

The currency that you’ll be using is the Hryvnia. Most towns and cities these days have cash machines and cash exchanges are very common. Just remember that when you need to exchange currency, you will need your passport to do so. A good tip to remember is that cashiers checks are not often accepted and if that’s all that you have, you may run into a problem or two. Not to worry too much! Using your credit card is perfectly fine and safe!

  1. Photography and Social

There are serious rules about photography in the Ukraine. You should never try to use your camera on the metro in Kiev or in the airports. If you see anything involving military, make sure your camera isn’t in your hand. Socially, you should always ask permission to photograph any individual. Many of the people there are still quite suspicious of having their pictures taken. Museums will likely charge extra if you’re going to want to take pictures of anything inside. You also need to remember that this is a society of respect and culture. Men will be expected to take their hats off when entering a church and women may be asked to wear a scarf.

  1. Accident and Injury

There are a lot of diving and swimming attractions in the Ukraine. Sadly, local water rescue is severely lacking in funds. Please use only established beaches and swimming areas. This is for your safety. There are also many road hazards. You’re encouraged to take care when driving and especially when walking. Many of the locals try to avoid traffic congestion by hopping the sidewalk and trying to drive around! Also, remember to use crossings with pedestrian lights and if there are none, take precautions. Like many places, sidewalks aren’t always in the best of conditions. Be smart and take a flashlight/torch with you when walking around in poorly lit areas. These simple steps can help you avoid unnecessary risks.

  1. Avoiding Trouble

Many places in the world have to deal with undesirable elements. The Ukraine is no different from these. Certain problems can be avoided if you take the precautions needed and the knowledge to handle the situation. For instance, don’t fall for a con. Some con artists target tourists and manage to get away with pretending to be officials. If anyone ever asks you for your ID, you should always ask to see theirs too. Making them prove who they are is simply a smart way to avoid a “ticket” for supposedly not having certain papers or tickets. Pickpockets also take pride in their occupation. Like any city, watch your wallet and jewelry. These precautions should be taken no matter where you travel! Your vacation should be a great experience for you and we would hate to see it fall short because of a few bad apples!

  1. Superstitions

This culture is rife with superstition. You’d be amazed what certain things that seem everyday actions can trigger. Don’t be surprised if your date won’t sit on a low wall with you. The reason for this is because she may have been taught that sitting on concrete may harm her delicate female anatomy! They are a very proud people so you don’t want to belittle them! Every culture is different. Many Americans and British believe a black cat crossing your path is bad luck, so our cultures have superstitions too. Keep an open mind and remember, you learn something new every day! A word of advice: Don’t shake hands with anyone across a threshold! Bad luck!

  1. Etiquette

If you’re blessed enough to enjoy the hospitality of a family meal, there are a few things that you should know. Impress the family by knowing that you should always bring the host a small gift! Another very important thing to remember is to inform your host well before dinner if you’re allergic to something or if you simply can’t eat it. This will help avoid any offense during the meal. If you’re not eating, you’re essentially saying that their food isn’t good enough! Always remove your shoes upon entering a house. It’s proper. Ukrainians also toast to just about everything, so keep that in mind if you’re not an experienced drinker. You may not want to attempt keeping up with them when it comes to drinking. However, if you are going to refuse alcohol, inform them that it’s for health related reasons. Again, to avoid offense.

  1. Traveling Through Moldovia

If you are going to be traveling through Moldovia, you are going to need a visa to do so. Traveling between southern Ukraine and western Ukraine, you will probably have to travel through Moldovia. You don’t want to be kicked off of the train en route to your destination! If you don’t know whether you’re going to go through there or not, ask the ticket seller if the route takes you through. If you can’t ask the question yourself, don’t be afraid to have someone ask for you! Better safe than sorry! This is a very important piece of knowledge.

  1. Medical

The larger cities have public and private medical facilities. You do have to provide all of the necessary information to be seen by a physician, but it is obviously priced less than a European state or the US. The pharmacies are very professional and the staff there will try to help you with anything that you could need. Many of them are open 24 hours a day.

  1. Shopping

If you’re looking for places to shop, try visiting some of the bigger shopping centers in the city. This offers you a great array of items that range from the lowest price to the higher priced boutiques. These places sell virtually everything! A good portion of the shopping centers also have restaurants, places of entertainment, and cafes. You’ll also be delighted by sellers of folk craft items. Simply ask personnel at the hotel or perhaps other vendors where they are located. Again, remember that cash and credit cards are the way to go. You’re bound to have the adventure of a lifetime when you dive into Ukrainian culture and lifestyles!

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    Very well done and excellent explained.

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    Thank you for the very insightful tips. They are helpful in planning my trip.


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