Top 3 Reasons Why Online Dating with a Ukrainian Woman Fails

June 4, 2016 at 1.25pm by in Slavic Women
Ukrainian woman

Most men think that online dating is a river where they can catch a lot of fishes. They think that online dating can serve as a way to meet new girls for fun, for pastime or to kill their boredom and nothing more than that. They think that online dating can never lead to a serious relationship. The truth is, the main reason why they never end up with a serious relationship online is because of that mindset. If you try to meet a Ukrainian woman, that mindset will surely change.

As a matter of fact, about 60 percent of people say that online dating is a good way to meet people and that it is the most powerful tool in your dating toolbox.

However, not everyone who has tried online dating became successful at it. Why? Because they break the rules of online dating. Here are some of the common reasons why online dating leads to failure:

  1. Some Men Ask Never Asks for Help

According to studies, about 30% of women asked someone in writing their profile while only 16% of men do this. Some men fail to create a profile that really stand out. Unlike those women who engage into online dating, they really make an effort to improve themselves by taking workshops, revising their profile and testing different photos. Therefore, you should ask for help so you can add some more information about yourself. Your profile should be a mixture about how you see yourself and how your close friends see you in their eyes.

  1. Male Minimalism Does Not Make an Impact

Where you are in a club, you may easily get a girl by just saying, “Hey beautiful. What’s your name?”. But this may not work on online dating, especially if you are trying to get a Ukrainian woman. Studies show that majority of messages from men came in with a boring subject line like “Hello” or even an empty message. Make sure to create a subject like that is intriguing and interesting.

  1. Lying in Profiles

Some men lie in their profiles as a strategy to make their profile standout. They lie about their age, height, income and if they have any kids. If you lie about any information in your profile, there is a 99.9 percent chance that your relationship will fail and that it will never last for long. Earning a Ukrainian woman’s trust is very important and it has to start on your first conversation.

Once you are ready to court that special Ukrainian woman, click here for more tips!

  • Frank Ginsburg

    The Blog is correct, also always show interest in your woman and keep constant communications, lack of doing this gives the woman a feeling that your not serious these women are very serious about what they want and if they do not see the same commitment in you they will thank you and let you know that they do not think you are serious and they will go on there way. they do not need empty promises or sweet words but expect action to all you say and do.. my advise is to be honest and to make sure you are attentive to the lady. learn each other and when she is ready then go visit her, you will never make any progress with out a meeting. they need to meet youand feel who you are and interact with you before they can move to the next step and this is only reasonable. If you are here to find love then treat it seriously


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