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I received an email late last week from Bill advising that he was in Nikolaev and that my interpreter had let him down.

Bill was not a member of the site and I had not arranged any trip for him so I replied that I was a little confused about the situation.

Bill replied that he was in Nikolaev to meet a few ladies and no one had arrived to meet him as arranged. This had been arranged through another site. However, he had found that the agency he was visiting was also working with us so had sent an email to me to see if we could help.

We arranged to meet Bill and went through some of the agencies and ladies that we have in Nikolaev and arranged meetings that have gone very well – much to our delight. When you set up a site with the services that we offer it is very satisfying to see a happy ending.

Bill made comment of the service that we provide and some of the other experiences he had encountered over the last few years and again, we were pleased that we had the opportunity to put into practice what we preach – that we will give you exceptional service, guaranteed.

If you are visiting Ukraine to meet your ladies please ensure that everything is arranged for you. I know that many men prefer to make their own way and arrange everything themselves but this can turn out to be very disappointing for you if it does not happen as it should.

We offer individual tours where we arrange everything for you and guarantee the service. You will maximise your time, which is bound to be limited and you can concentrate on the real purpose of you being there – to meet the love of your life.

Bill just happened to be let down by other arrangements rather than a determination to do it all himself, but if you are planning a trip, place your trust in us and complete the request for an individual tour form at this link 

  • Giorgios


    I in July of last year I went from Athens (Greece) visiting different cities in Romania, Ukraine and Russia, and my personal experience was not good, and do not recommend visiting these places, hire a good agency to work in your country of origin , and of course you have to know where the embassy of your country, when I came to Ukraine I had all the necessary paperwork in order and I was forced to pay an amount of money I did want to enter the country and the same thing happened in Romania, and of course stay in the tourist area, I left St. Petersburg tourist zone and tried to rob me, not just me, other English tourists managed to steal, and I am convinced that Ukraine is similar, from what I see, is only a opinion, and my experience, I’m still blogging, and make this comment for people who are interested in traveling there.
    Good luck to all.

    • keith

      Hi Doug
      Thank you for your comments. What you have said is the worst extremes of problems travelling within Ukraine. If you use a Ukraine dating site and you want to travel to meet your Ukraine lady, you should use the site for assistance. Too many guys think that they can save a few dollars by travelling to Ukraine or Russia without any assistance and immediately run into language problems and unscrupulous service. It ends up costing much more money and wasting much time.
      Use the travel service that the site provides as you will be well looked after and have 24 hour assistance. The meetings with your Ukraine woman will be arranged and you can make the most of your time together.


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