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Ukraine Christmas is celebrated on January 6 and January 7 rather than the current traditional Christmas Day of December 25th.

January 6 sees the Ukraine family celebrate with the holy supper which is a special family dinner. The table may have a wisp of straw to remind one of the stables at Bethlehem.

January 7 sees the main day for Christian church services and the giving of gifts.
Ukraine people celebrate Christmas on these days as they are very traditional and did not change the days of Christmas when the majority of nations did following the introduction of the Julian calendar nearly 2000 years ago.

Prior to that the Roman calendar had been in existence and this had only 10 months. January and February were later added for the Julian calendar. However, when first introduced, the Julian calendar only had a 355 day year, with an astronomer working out that there should be 365 days in the year and an additional 10 days were added.

It is all rather confusing, but it seems that with all the changes to the calendar year, the Ukraine people decided to stay with tradition, had a countback and decided that January 6 and 7 is more historical for them than December 25.

However, it is very difficult for Ukraine to ignore the celebrations everywhere else on December 25 so they effectively have 2 Christmas days. I am not sure of this means that they get twice as many gifts as we do.

If you would like to send your special lady a gift for Christmas, you have the choice of two days to choose from, or you may send 1 for each day. I am sure that she will not mind.

If you are considering sending a gift we suggest that you get in early as it is a very busy time for the agencies and late gift orders may not be delivered on time.

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The team at Ukraine Brides Agency wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a fantastic 2014

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