Ukraine dating – Political Unrest in Ukraine

December 5, 2013 at 2.03am by in Online Dating

I have received a number of emails this week asking if it is safe to go to Ukraine given the current political unrest and scenes of demonstrations and the resulting heavy handed actions of the police against protestors.

From my research it seems that the Ukraine Government has the opportunity to join the EU community which would make tremendous changes to the way of life for the Country and its inhabitants, or they can realign themselves with Russia and continue with how things have been until now.

The majority of Ukraine citizens favour the opportunity to join the EU community while the Government seems to be choosing the status quo with Russia.

This has proven hugely unpopular and protests and demonstrations are being held throughout the country, but especially around the Government area in Kiev and there are nasty scenes of brutality and heavy handed treatment against the demonstrators.

The Government says that the protests have nothing to do with the decision to be made and that many of the protestors are using the opportunity to gain an upper hand for the opposition prior to Government elections to be held next year. The supporters of the move to the EU community say that corruption is behind the Governments decision to decline the opportunity.

I have spoken with people of Kiev who are genuinely concerned about their own well-being, even if they are not part of the demonstrations and that daily life in the central city is not currently safe or pleasant. While business carries on as normal, apart from some Government services, continuation of normal business is tenuous.
For many of us this situation is foreign and we have never had to experience upheaval like this in our own lives. I don’t think we grasp the volatile situation and assume it will pass in a day or so. This type of upheaval is not new to the citizens of Ukraine and it is reminiscent of the 2004-5 ‘Orange Revolution’ that overthrew Ukraine’s post-Soviet order.
One of the reasons that so many Ukraine woman search for foreign partners is to move to a country like our own where these situations are foreign and they have an opportunity to experience freedom and reach their life potential.

Getting back to the original emails that I have received regarding travelling to Ukraine, it will remain a watch and see scenario. Some parts of Ukraine are safe, while central Kiev should be avoided.

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