Ukraine Dating Sites and the Free Exchange of Contact Details

November 21, 2013 at 2.02am by in Online Dating

In the last week I have received a number of emails from new members who have asked me why we don’t have free exchange of contact details in our exchanging of letters between men and Ukraine ladies. They say that on several other sites, the free exchange of details is allowed.

I explain to them that there are a number of reasons:
First, I don’t charge a joining fee, no monthly subscription and no recurring fees. You only pay the fees required to do whatever you want, when you want and as often as you want (letters, chats, gifts, etc)
We need to charge fees for men to use the site or we will not be able to pay all the site and internet costs and agency overheads to provide the service
But most importantly, I care about your experience when you use our site. I want you to know that you are communicating with a genuine Ukraine lady who is searching for love, just like you. I offer you our guarantee that if she is not genuine, then you will be refunded the fees you have paid to communicate with her. That is the basis of our site and we stand behind that guarantee.

If I allow the free exchange of contact information, then men will join the site for free, immediately get a ladies contact details and write to her directly. We don’t earn income to maintain the service and we lose control of the authenticity of the communication and of any scam activity that may follow.

I usually state that in my opinion, allowing the free exchange of contact details is a cop-out by the site. They are happy to charge you a membership fee and then let you flounder into the unknown with ladies who may be fictitious or totally dishonest with no concern for you at all. I said that I would be very careful of these sites as they may be rife with scam.

The answer from the man, in every case, was that the other sites are total scams and that is why they are now using us. I rest my case your honour!

We believe that if we continue to offer a service with guaranteed back-up and accountability that we will develop into the best Ukraine dating and marriage site available. We lose many potential men because we don’t allow free exchange of contact details when other sites offer it. I think you need to consider the actions of the site you choose to use, not just the cost. The true cost to you is not apparent until your card statement arrives and you can calculate your own value for money.

I don’t like giving a Ukraine ladies contact details, even for a fee, as we lose control and the ability to offer a guarantee. For that reason our fee is not cheap – but still about the price of a fine night out with a special lady – no more than that.

  • Arthur Wilson

    Why is the total financial burden solely on the men?? The women on your site are there for the same reasons as then, but they pay nothing at all! Maybe, if the women had to share in the expense, you wouldn’t have so many scammers!

  • keith

    Hi Arthur
    Thank you for your post.
    We had thought of that but we decided it would not prevent any scam issues. Genuine Ukraine ladies cant afford to pay for communication as they dont have the income, especially in US dollars which makes it difficult to share the site costs between men and women.
    We thought of making them pay a fee to join the site, but that will not stop any issues or prevent anyone joining.
    I understand where you are coming from but we dont feel we can do it

  • Mark

    Hi Keith

    I’d like to put my 2 bobs worth in if I may.

    Yes it is expensive but it is a small price to pay for an everlasting relationship. Besides you have vetted these ladies already so part of the work is already done for us. This site is fully controlled so I don’t get ladies asking me for money to fly them to Australia.

    Finally I think that the ladies themselves appreciate that it is costing us money and are very sensitive to that. I certainly don’t want to end up with a partner that wastes money and I am confident none of these ladies are like that.

    So if a couple hundred dollars to find your partner isn’t affordable then supporting a wife and family certainly is out of the question so this is not the site to be on.

    It is a shame though that quite a few ladies can’t afford webcams. I don’t know what to recommend but I would like to see some of the money I pay go to providing the ladies with a webcam. I know they can go to the agency but it is not always convenient especially with the time difference between Australia and the Ukraine. The agency isn’t necessarily open when I’m awake and vice versa. Perhaps a no charge issue of a webcam on a deposit so they can take it home and use it at their leisure. Just a thought.


    • keith

      Hi Mark
      I agree with you.
      It would be great of all ladies could afford to have camera’s at home and not have to visit the agency. Many do – but not all
      Thank you

  • BethMore

    Ecxhange of details for free on dating sites will not be economical for some site owners as they have to meet expenses.

    • keith

      Thank you Beth. You are quite correct about this.


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