Ukraine dating – Tips for Men (Profile photos)

January 2, 2014 at 2.03am by in Online Dating

One of our tasks is to approve both mens and Ukraine ladies profiles before we allow them to be visible on the site. This is primarily because there are many sick guys out there who load photos that are offensive and also don’t take the process seriously.

To offer a genuine site we need to ensure that every profile is genuine and professional.

However, while we can delete offensive or mocked profiles, we see many men load serious profiles that do not cast them in a good light and as much as I would like to email the man and ask him to improve it – I cant. Who am I to tell him what is best.

However, I can offer some advice here that I think will make a huge difference to the quality of replies that the man receives and improve his chances of finding love and romance.

Many men don’t attach a photo. Despite this they receive many messages from ladies and the man writes to me and says why are all these ladies writing when I have not even included a photo? The answer is simple – they know he joined the site because he is looking for his special lady but they don’t know what he looks like. The only way to find out is to write to him and hope he sends a photo.

Please load a photo of yourself as this allows the ladies to see what you look like – a very important step in the relationship.

If you load a photo – make it professional. It is the first impression that a lady will receive – and you cant change first impressions.

Many men load profile photos of them standing in a bar with a drink in their hand, or with arms around other women, or just lying back looking unkempt in shorts and an old T shirt. I look at these and I cringe.

Think about it! Why are these ladies on the site? What do they hope for when searching for a foreign man? Are you serious in your search? If you load a profile photo of you standing in a bar with a drink in your hand she thinks you are an alcoholic or a party animal. She will not want to know you as she already has millions of men like this in Ukraine.

I have many men write to me and say that all the ladies on the site have professional photos and they look glamorous – they must be fake! Really? Think about it.
These ladies want to show themselves in the best way so that they are chosen over the thousands of other ladies on the site. Also, Ukraine ladies take great pride in their appearance and will never been seen in public looking less than ideal – never mind publishing it on a Ukraine marriage site for the world to see.

If you want casual photos of a lady, then you will need to write to her, get to know her and ask for the photos. She will do this when she is comfortable with you.

Please look at your own profile photos and put yourself in a ladies position – how do you look? Could your profile photo be better? It is easy to change them. Try it and see what the result is.

Please feel free to ask us for help or advice with any aspect of Ukraine dating – we will be delighted to offer and advice.


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