Ukraine Marriage Sites – Not For Everyone

November 28, 2013 at 2.03am by in Online Dating

One of the exciting things about providing a site for foreign men to meet and marry Ukraine ladies is that the world is such a small place in terms of the internet. Long travel distances mean nothing to an internet website.

This can also be said for languages, different customs, weather patterns, time differences, individual backgrounds and future dreams. As long as there is a spark in the communication and a relationship develops, then most barriers are overcome, especially when using the internet.

However, there are parts of the world where the chances of a Ukraine woman agreeing to marry and relocate is just not going to happen. Typically this is due to religious beliefs and a nations standard of living. There may be an exception to my thoughts, but it is extremely rare.

Sometimes I receive an email from a man who lives in one of these areas to say that their banking system does not allow international transactions and they don’t have Western Union in their country so can they send me cash to buy credits. Unfortunately I must explain that they really cant use the site as their chances of finding a lady who would agree to move to his country is small and I believe he would be wasting his money.

I also receive many emails from men who want to send me cash to buy a Ukraine bride. In fact he has seen her profile already and would appreciate it if I could arrange for her to be transferred to his country immediately so he can arrange the wedding. These men are 100% serious and don’t seem to understand that this is not the accepted culture for Ukraine ladies and that we would never agree to even try on his behalf.

There are many registrations that come through from men that we must decline simply because of the fact that he has almost no chance of success. That is the sad side of Ukraine dating services.

  • Giorgios

    I think I wrote in one of these blogs, the major differences between the east and west, as I also said he admired who tried to meet a woman from Ukraine.
    A few weeks ago I read that on this site women do not pay, but people do, I know a site that pay men and women a share, I think it’s the best way to tell if a woman has good intentions, but in Ukraine or in Russia more scam worldwide.
    Some sites scam 100% today talk about the safety of travel to Ukraine or Russia obviously is not true especially now, who look a little news, even a local newspaper in my area speech in Ukraine would not be unusual I could finish a war, apart from hundreds of other problems you may encounter, and Russia think that everyone knows what is happening and will not comment.

    • keith

      Hi Giorgios
      Thank you for your response.
      I dont agree that making women pay to use the site will stop scamming. Many genuine women can not afford to pay – that is one of the reasons they are seeking a foreign husband. Also, if ladies are paying, they will be more determined to scam and get their money back.
      Yes, there is upheaval in Ukraine at present. We will need to monitor the situation to see how it settles
      Thank you again

  • Blair

    Hi Keith, in reply to Giorgios comments: Do your homework, ask the right questions (check out the Scammers Guide to the Universe), converse with Keith, he is a treasure chest of information, and tread carefully. It is pretty simple. Other than that, if you have done your homework you will know most of these girls are paid maybe 1/6th of the average NZ wage….work it out for yourself.
    This site is without doubt, the BEST site available, and run by a kiwi ! What more do you want? Regards, Blair.

    • keith

      Hi Blair
      Merry Christmas to you!
      Thank you for your kind comments. We try to be the best and the most genuine of all Ukraine dating sites. It is nice to know that you agree that we are


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