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January 9, 2014 at 2.03am by in Online Dating

When we first launched our site it soon became apparent to us that men have differing reasons for using the site and also different perspectives on standards and personal preference. As we have grown over the years this has become more apparent and we now have emails on a daily basis asking us why we do things the way that we do and why we allow, or don’t allow certain things.

An example is the private photo section that is available for men to view – upon the payment of 1.5 credits. We are asked why the photos are private, why there is a fee to see them and why some ladies must be in provocative poses and wearing lingerie. I must admit that as member of an older generation I sometimes wonder that myself.

The simple answer is that some ladies like to have photos of themselves looking attractive, alluring or whatever else you may tag them. They are not shy and cant see the problem – it is part of their personal nature. It is also more acceptable as part of modern standards with young people who often think nothing of this.

There is a fee to view these photos for 2 reasons. The first is that although the ladies are happy to post these photos, they don’t want every visitor to the site, including friends, viewing them without a good reason. They only want men who are registered users of the site being able to see them and they also want to make sure that these men have a genuine interest in the lady before they view the photos. The ladies and their agencies charge a fee to meet their viewing criteria. The agencies also argue that the photos are taken by a professional photographer and there is a cost for providing the photos that must be covered.

A number of men understand that there should be a private section for bikini photos but cant see why some of the Ukraine ladies pose provocatively in, or almost in lingerie.

Another question that we are constantly asked is why some ladies seem to be online 24 hours a day. The answer to this is more straightforward and it has to do with capturing new visitors to the site before ladies who are not online.

Many ladies are in a fortunate position where they can be logged onto the site whether they are at home or at work – even some who are hairdressers can be logged on while working. This is not unusual as I am logged in 24 hours of every day as are a number of men that use the site. These ladies know that new visitors to the site are almost always drawn to whoever is online, rather than through searching the galleries for a perfect match.

I did receive an email from a man the other day who said that he is making a stand against this in protest and purposely avoids the online ladies – he is an exception.

We are well aware of the debate about these two issues and have to make a call – we cant have it both ways and appease everyone. We introduced dating categories for women and men into marriage, friendship and fun and have labelled ladies who are overtly suggestive into the fun category so that they can not contact a man who is only interested in genuine marriage as he may think our site is not genuine and leaves us – to his great loss and also to the majority of women who are modest rather than suggestive. We take a firm stance here and we may be unfairly treating some women – but it is a call we have decided to take.

We would appreciate your feedback on these issues to assist us as the feedback that we are receiving by email is growing – both in favour and against. We would like to know how you feel and how it has a bearing on whether you like our site and use our site or whether you leave and look for another site – although ours is still modest compared to most.

Please feel free to post a comment on the blog section of our site (posts on the blog are anonymous and your email address and name can not be seen) or email me directly at [email protected] to tell us if you agree with how we handle these issues or not. We are always keen to hear feedback and we are not afraid to change if we have good suggestions.

Please help us.

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