Ukraine Womens Day

March 6, 2013 at 11.05am by in Online Dating

March 8 is the day that Ukraine women celebrate Womens Day. It is similar to mothers day and birthdays all in one and celebrates the great struggle and support that women have endured and conquered over hundreds of years. It is a day of remembrance and saying thank you.
This day is celebrated as a public holiday in Ukraine and is very important to remember (and not to forget!).
There is a Man’s Day in Ukraine to celebrate the great achievements that men have carried out over the centuries, especially in wars, but it is not celebrated nearly as much as Womens Day.
If you would like to let your special lady know that you are thinking of her at this special time you are welcome to send her a gift from our gift selection
I had an email from Tom who had an interesting suggestion. Tom wonders if we should have a raffle where first price is a fully paid VIP Romance Tour to Ukraine. He suggest tickets are $100 each.
I had never thought of that before but it sounds very interesting. I would be interested to know what you thought of this and welcome any emails to let me know.
There are many things I would need to consider, such as limiting the ticket numbers so that it is not seen as a huge money spinner for the site, determining the prize value as the cost depends on which part of the world the winner is from and how I prove that the draw was fair and honest.
Please let me know what you think about this idea. Thanks Tom.
I have also had questions from men who receive first letters from some ladies that sound bland or uninformed or disinterested. There is a reason for this.
Many homes in Ukraine do not have internet and very few people have their own car – unlike the rest of us who have total freedom and are spoiled for choice. Many women need to go to the agency, by public transport, to log in and use the site.
When a lady registers at an agency she can write an introductory letter that she asks the agency to send to any new men who fit her search criteria. This is not a scam or the agency generating interest, it is perfectly OK. It is the ladies own introductory letter and she writes it in her own words to attract a new mans attention – before the other thousands of women on the site do.
If a man likes what he reads and replies to her, she will definitely make the trip to the agency to write a sincere reply.
This is quite common and we will do the same for men in the future – allow men to write their own introductory letter (like their own CV) and send it to new ladies who register that they find attractive. Again, if the lady replies, he will commence his second letter to her in the first person and with some vigor.
There are good introductory letters and there are bad introductory letters (one sentence with little enthusiasm) but I cant apologise for this. The lady wrote it herself and it is her personality. We cant change this into something she did not write. That is a scam.
If she writes a poor letter then she will not succeed in grabbing your attention. Sad but true.
I hope I explained this clearly.

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