Ukrainian Girls 101: A Guide To Your Ukrainian Girlfriend ’s Basic Personality Features

October 2, 2016 at 2.11pm by in Slavic Women

For most men who are newbies to dating Slavic women, there may be a misconception that dating a Russian girl is just like dating a Ukrainian lady. Well, we’re here to tell you that while there are cultural similarities, there are also cultural differences.

An excellent guide for telling which is which can be found in this blog post by Chateau Heartiste: A Quick and Dirty Dating Guide to Foreign Girls.

The post outlines how Ukrainian women are, at least, in Chateau Heartiste’s experience: “Russian if from East Ukraine; Polish if from West Ukraine.” By that, the author meant that a Ukrainian woman from East Ukraine will most likely act like a Russian woman, while a Ukrainian girl from West Ukraine will act more like a Polish girl.


In the same post, the author also outlines the two cultures:

  • Russian ladies come across as difficult at the start, deliberately giving their suitors a hard time. But once the man stands his ground and shows her that he’s also a force to be reckoned with, the Russian lady backs down and transforms into one of the most interesting, feisty (but in a good way), passionate lovers that a man can find.
  • Polish girls, on the other hand, are described as the ultimate “flower children.” They’re sweet, warm, and charming, and will appreciate handwritten love notes, as well as moments outside with the stars. They, according to the author, are not the materialistic kind. And so, if you want to date a girl who will let you get in touch with that side of you that cares about the environment, about nature, about flora, fauna, and be with a girl who will appreciate your furtive scribbles on scented stationery, date a Polish girl.

In light of these descriptions, dating a Ukrainian girl, then, could be an experience in dating either the feisty, difficult woman who turns into a feisty, passionate, intense lover, or a girl who is happily content to spend the night with you under the stars. In any case, you now know what to expect.


In order to figure out which girl you’ll be dating with your Ukrainian girlfriend, follow these suggestions to find out which type she is:


  • When you chat, ask her questions like:


      • What do you think about dates under the stars?
      • What’s your opinion about the story “Uncle Vanya” by Anton Chekhov? (Read it first too, please.)
      • What are the five books you’d like to read, and why?


  • For this point, here’s the analysis:
      • A Polish girl-ish Ukrainian girl will appreciate dates under the stars, but a Russian-ish Ukrainian girl may probably shoot the idea and say something negative about it.
      • The Russian-ish Ukrainian girl who has read the story will light up and then passionately discuss the story. Else, she may suggest something better, deeper to read. A Polish-ish Ukrainian girl may never have read it, may have no opinion about it, and may be reading lighter fare.
      • For the five books they’d like to read, if it’s light fare, such as chick lit or a romance with a happy ending, it may mean that you’re facing a Polish-leaning Ukrainian Girl. A Russian girl may list edgier titles with more intensity.


  • Send her flowers, and send her a handwritten note.


      • In keeping with the Heartiste’s descriptions, a Polish culture-steeped Ukrainian girl would appreciate your flowers and handwritten note, but the Russian-roots Ukrainian girl would probably say something like it would have been better to save the trees, or you should just come over, instead.


  • Get to know her better, in any case.
    • Even if we can outline the cultural basics that differentiate an Eastern Ukrainian girl vs. a Western Ukrainian girl, each girl is definitely unique, and will take getting to know her, for who she truly is. So ask questions every time you chat. Questions that probe, questions that give you an increasingly picture of who she is as a person, each time.
  • Reminder:  You shouldn’t send all these questions as a list to your girl. Just ask her one or two questions per chat session, just to get to know her a little more, every time. This way, you will have a good idea of who she is as a person, and if she conforms to either description by Heartiste, then you know how to deal with the type of girl in front of you, as per his guidance.



Now you know that Ukrainian ladies have two differing core cultures, depending on which side of Ukraine they’re from. You also know how to deal with them now: Stand your ground and show her you’re a strong man worthy of her love, and you’ll find that she’s an intense lover, if she’s from East Ukraine. Or treat her to handwritten love letters, flowers, bears, and dates under the stars if she’s from West Ukraine. Either way, you’ll have a delightful girl who’ll take you on an interesting ride through the fields of love and romance.

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