Why do Ukrainian women seek husbands abroad?

August 2, 2012 at 6.46pm by in Slavic Women

There is a myth that life in the Ukraine is very grim and that women seek a foreign husband as a ticket out of there.

I have been to the Ukraine a number of times and it is a very beautiful country. The architecture must be seen to be believed, the culture, the music, the opera and ballet, the restaurants, the forests, the people, the beautiful summers and the even more beautiful winters… it is a lovely place to live.

Sure there are problems, but what country is free of problems? Even the Vatican City is fighting off corruption and cover up charges as I type.

Family life is very strong in Ukraine, much stronger than in Western countries. I have seen the devotion from daughter to mother. I have seen the pride in a mothers eyes. I have seen the whole family singing with all their heart together – believe it or not it was Tom Jones’ Delilah!

Sadly, Ukrainian men fall far short of the standards set by Ukrainian women.

Where Ukrainian women take immense pride in their appearance and never look scruffy, work hard and hold the family and home together, the men are quite the opposite (generalization – but quite accurate).

Ukrainian men tend to be lazy; they don’t want to work. They drink heavily and they smoke. They avoid responsibility.
Where Western men may play ball with their son or take their daughter to swimming classes, this does not happen in Ukraine. The women does her best to keep the family and home functioning.

Often this is in vain for the women. The number of women far outweighs the number of men – a result of wars and the shorter life span of men; women live to 72 on average yet men live to only 60. This means that there are many many single women so men can move on when they tire of the responsibility of family life.

Why do Ukrainian women seek a foreign husband? Because they want true love, a strong family and commitment. These are values that Western men have that Ukraine men don’t.

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