Ukrainian women like confident and assertive alpha men

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Alpha men are attractive. How can you demonstrate alpha behavior?

You are supposed to be the leader in the dynamics.

As a guy in a romantic relationship, you either lead or be misled. Full stop.

Adventure and confidence result in excitement.

Growth and confidence lead to momentum.

Growth and adventure create transformation.

When you combine excitement, momentum with transformation, you get leadership.

As I see it, when you are adventurous, confident and assertive with a growth mindset, you naturally build attraction as well as those 3 key elements which organically cause leadership in a romantic relationship.

The raw truth about leadership in a relationship:

As this blog post is not a linguistics lesson, we are not going to talk about the specific details regarding those keywords. So long as you understand what those keywords refer to, it will be enough. Do not overthink linguistics, please. You’d better be more creative and less analytical in a relationship.

To help you fully understand leadership in love, I’d like to show you a few examples:

A) You plan every date night in advance. You arrange all activities you will do with your Ukrainian woman. Do not ask her which restaurant or café you should take her to.

B) You have your blueprint and career plan. You share your vision with your Ukrainian lady so she can follow your leadership. Please do not follow her career plan so as to be with her. I know a man who even moved countries, accumulated more student loan and changed careers due to his wife who has become a professor in a particular field. In order to marry her, this man would do everything. Yes, in the short term, his wife is happy. Yet in the long run, his wife may not fully respect him due to his beta behavior. In their marriage, his wife is the leader.

Don’t ignore red flags.

Truthfully, most toxic relationships can be totally avoided at the initial dating stage, so long as you know the fundamental differences between green flags and red flags.

Green Flag I: This woman treats the waiter or waitress in a polite fashion.

Red Flag I: This woman treats the waiter or waitress in a rude fashion.

As you are sitting in a coffeehouse with your date, look at how she treats the waiter or waitress. Does she show appreciation? When things go wrong, how does she treat the waiter or waitress?

If she is rude to the waiter or waitress, it’s clearly a red flag as she is supposed to be on her best behavior at the initial stage of a relationship. In the long run when you are married to her, the marriage will probably become highly toxic, for her real behavior shows lack of respect. Without full respect, a marriage is not an authentic partnership.

The good news is most Ukrainian women are very respectful. Unlike many western women who feel entitled, Ukrainian ladies respect other people first. 😊

Green Flag II: When you show you vulnerabilities, she supports you 100%.

Red Flag II: When you show your vulnerabilities, she uses what you’ve shared against you.

Look, the right person will surely support you due to your vulnerabilities, whilst the wrong person will use what you’ve shared against you so as to benefit herself. Obviously, now you know how to avoid a toxic relationship based on this observation and behavior.

Since Ukrainian women are traditional wives, they always support their husbands, which is good news. 😉

Green Flag III: She is honest with you at all times.

Red Flag III: She lies about so many things, including small things.

Honesty implies authenticity which is the most paramount quality in a woman.

By contrast, if she lies about many things, it only means lying is her bad habit. Small lies definitely cause big lies later on.

Never ignore red flags while dating a woman. Never look for excuses for her bad behavior. Never justify her negative attitude.

“I would like to encourage you to look for and appreciate green flags while dating a woman, as whatever you’re looking for is looking for you as well!”

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