Why Ukrainian Women Prefer Marriage Over Dating

February 6, 2016 at 4.08pm by in Dating advice

Although Ukrainian women are probably best known for their stunning looks, there is a lot more to them than meets the eye. They’re perfectly happy to date, but if things start going well, they are going to be on the lookout for a long-term commitment. Settling down, having a home and children is an important life goal – and for that, marriage is always a better assurance that you are in it for the long-term.

Unlike the attitudes in other cultures, Ukrainian are taught from a young age to respect and appreciate family and their ancestral roots, including marriage.

Marriage Means Commitment

Ukrainian women are receptive to romantic attention but they do so with the expectation of more if the relationship is going well and their boyfriend seems as committed as they are.

Ukrainian women like to see proof of a commitment, and what could be better proof than marriage, known to be intended as a lifelong commitment? While dating is fun, and Ukrainian women are great company, no Ukrainian woman is going to date you indefinitely. In Russia, actions speak louder than words.

Ukrainian women do not date to occupy their minds or to keep themselves busy. They date because they are looking for a partner in life. And, that’s exactly why she’s going to prefer marriage over dating if she finds “the one”.

Dating Is Never a Permanent Arrangement

Dating is considered to be a middle-of-the-road position in a relationship. It is a place that tells others you are more than friends and not quite partners, which goes against the ideals of wrong and right for a woman’s future in Russia. While dating is not frowned on, it isn’t considered to be the final step for a couple that wants something long-term from each other.

Ukrainian women are not desperate to marry but if they find someone they are interested in, they will expect to make a permanent arrangement, instead of dating indefinitely and hoping for more. If she feels the relationship will not go further than dating, she will break the relationship off to find a more permanent arrangement elsewhere.

The Marriage Celebration Is a Big Part of Ukrainian Culture

For a foreigner, it may be difficult to understand just how important marriage is in the Ukrainian tradition. The celebrations are considered to be the high-point of a lifetime, and can last from two days to a full week. Dancing, singing and feasting are part of the excitement, and the bride and groom are treated like a king and queen – they even wear crowns in a traditional ceremony.

Having been brought up in a society where marriage and weddings are such a big event, it’s no wonder that Ukrainian women look forward to their wedding day as the most exciting and wonderful day of their lives. After all, it’s the day when you become her king, and she becomes your queen.

Marriage Is a Team Sport

She will expect you to respect her and treat her like the lady she is, but she knows that life can’t be all roses. She expects to pull her own weight. In Ukraine, a woman’s self-respect is not based on her looks but her contributions to her life and family.

Ukrainian women are raised to appreciate the element of partnership – seeking a situation in which husband and wife can achieve so much more as a couple than either would alone. They are taught the value of having a support system that won’t come through a dating relationship alone- that’s just one more reason why Ukrainian women prefer marriage to dating.

Marriage Provides Stability For Children

Of course, aside from commitment, love or respect, marriage has other benefits that every Ukrainian woman will be aware of. Starting a family is a big step, and children deserve a stable home life with a mother and a father to take care of them and provide the necessary balance in their lives. Naturally, Ukrainian women are as capable of coping as single parents as women elsewhere in the world, but they don’t settle for second-best easily – especially when it comes to their children.

And, Ukrainian women love home and family. Having a well-kept home, producing delicious dinners and ensuring that the home is properly run in every way is something that Ukrainian women love. If they are housewives, they’re never ‘just’ housewives – they take their roles in the home very seriously, committing to it 100 percent.

Ukrainian Women Are Stable and Seek Stability Out

Ukrainian women don’t flit from relationship to relationship without a care in the world. To them, marriage is not only the most important step they’ll ever take, it’s a lifelong commitment. And, even before marriage, they are faithful to their boyfriends, taking the time to get to know them and putting down roots with the men they are interested in to find out who they really are.

The Ukrainian culture promotes stability in home and heart, leading women in this country to seek it out- in friendships, in careers, and in life partners.

Marriage Is Celebrated in the Golden Years

While a young married couple can have fun, the long-term is kept in mind. Ukrainian women think about what their lives will be like after their children are grown and want a partner to share their time with. They want to live life to the fullest at any age.

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