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March 17, 2020 at 11.57am by in Slavic Women
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There are a lot of mainstream dating advice on the Internet, but specific dating advice for men who are looking to date women from Ukraine isn’t mainstream on the Web. So, I’d like to offer some solid advice today 😉

Your Ukrainian girlfriend and her social circle:

Men usually turn to their wives / girlfriends for emotional and social support, whereas women generally turn to their female friends instead. Hence, your lady’s female friends play a significant role in her life. In fact, female friends discuss everything because they believe it’s a therapeutic and beautiful thing when they talk about everything with each other. In many ways, that can benefit your romantic relationship because it’s a bit like an external therapy for your girlfriend. There is nothing to worry about.

Besides, many women like shopping for reasons beyond shopping itself. If your lady loves shopping, usually it means she connects & builds deep and meaningful relationships around shopping. For instance, she goes shopping with other ladies in order to strengthen female friendships. They personally know those shop assistants; they go shopping so as to buy gifts for their families and friends.

If you dislike shopping, just don’t go shopping with your girlfriend, for if you can’t even put up with something that’s very important to your lady, you might destroy the connection in your romantic relationship. That’s my very honest advice.

But what if your Ukrainian girlfriend has a lot of male friends?

Worse still, what if your girlfriend has a very close male friend?

In my opinion, it’s normal for a woman to have a close male friend. However, the problem appears when your lady begins to complain about her romantic relationship to that male friend.

So, you should let your lady know that she must directly talk to you if there is a problem in your romantic relationship – she shouldn’t talk about her relationship issues with other men. Period.

The importance of your sub-communication:

You can read one hundred dating books. Nevertheless, if your sub-communication is wrong, Ukrainian women wouldn’t feel the attraction.

In actuality, what you literally say doesn’t matter a lot, compared to how you say it & why you say it.

Whatever you say to a woman, your sub-communication must be, “I don’t mind if you dislike me; this is who I am. You either take it or leave it.” Now this attitude shows real confidence internally and that’s very, very attractive.

Note that you are not supposed to be nasty or rude when you are talking to women from Ukraine. And you shouldn’t look like or act like James Bond because James Bond is not down-to-earth.

As your sub-communication shows true confidence, you can be caring, loving and funny.

Apart from that, you may learn polarization. By that I mean you can use your behavior to influence women so they will either choose you or leave the interaction. In this way, you won’t waste your time.

As a guy, you know if you like a lady or not pretty fast. However, ladies from Ukraine operate differently. In reality, lots of women spend a large amount of time feeling unsure about a guy and have to be swayed one way or the other. As a result, the best way to influence a fence-sitter is introducing polarization to the dynamics.

You can polarize ladies through your behavior, which is a very key skill that every man needs to learn when it comes to attraction.

For example, you may show your desire when you are on a date with a lady and see whether this lady is receptive. Telling a woman that she is beautiful is polarization; teasing her in a joking way is polarization. Yes, you will receive some rejections in this process, but you will be glad to see how many ladies actually react pretty well to your behavior. When you don’t even care about rejections anymore, your dating skills have improved.

Dealing with demographic mismatch (100% honesty):

To be honest, if you aren’t a white man and you meet a Ukrainian lady, this is possibly a demographic mismatch which might cause challenges as difference oftentimes result in friction which may lead to lack of connection. This is something that most people don’t want to talk about, but it’s real.

Having said that, if you are clever, you might use this demographic mismatch to your advantage as you are already different from other guys this lady has previously met, which means this factor itself is already polarization.

Remember: when you are unique, you can easily stand out from the crowd. Now the lady can’t be neutral any longer; she must be either receptive or unreceptive, for the fact that you’re from a different demographic instantly polarizes her.

Breaking stereotypes gives you the opportunity to have another advantage. That means if Ukrainian women have a certain stereotype about your demographic, ideally, you’d better break her pattern.

For instance, some women may assume that men from Italy, France and Spain are outrageous when it comes to dating and relationships, but you can demonstrate your different traits, e.g. you are nurturing and caring (if you are from Italy, France or Spain). Now ladies from Ukraine will be impressed with your qualities – you are not what they expected. That is to say, you contrast a typical stereotype, and that makes you mysterious and interesting instantly. Of course, it’s an attractive behavior.

Frankly, showing attractive behavior is obviously easier than growing taller or growing your bank account / status, right? Realistically, if you have a tremendous bank account, perfect looks and very high status, you don’t really need a lot of attractive behavior. This is just the uncomfortable truth. That being said, if you don’t demonstrate attractive behavior, women might want to marry you for the wrong reasons. That’s why it’s very important to learn attractive behavior.

Since there are many qualified candidates and a lot of competitors in the dating scene nowadays, your approach should be different and unique. I mean you don’t lack options, but you also don’t lack competitors.

Here is the reality of an elegant woman: Her colleagues like her; her best friend’s brother is attracted to her; her neighbor has a crush on her. Basically, if you don’t stand out from the crowd, your competitors will probably win.

Unfortunately, mainstream society generally evaluates ladies’ attractiveness according to their looks, so you would be ill-advised to compliment women on their good looks.

Instead, you’ll identify some traits that you appreciate about a Ukrainian lady other than her looks & pay her a genuine compliment. Basically, this approach is similar to ‘tell the beautiful woman she is clever; tell the clever lady she is beautiful.” This strategy will improve your attractiveness quickly.

“Dating doesn’t have to be hard. You just need to equip yourself with the right dating skills online and offline. Then you will find your ideal Ukrainian bride in record time. Good luck & all the best in your journey for true love!”

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