Unusual gifts that will impress your Eastern European lady

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Traditional gifts such as jewelry and flowers are very nice, of course. But those gifts aren’t the most creative ideas in the world. Yes, you are supposed to give your Eastern European girlfriend flowers, chocolate and jewelry as gifts at times. However, sometimes unusual gifts can be more interesting. 😉

  • Highly creative gifts:

Let me show you some highly creative ideas first.

  1. eBooks: If your Eastern European woman likes reading and has a Kindle device, you can buy her an eBook on Amazon. I know a lady who has more than 700 eBooks on her Kindle and she reads at least 10 pages every night before going to sleep. She says reading a book before going to bed is the best way to get high-quality sleep because it’s also a type of effective meditation.
  • Audio books: If your girlfriend likes listening to audio books, you can buy her some audio books as gifts. Audible is very popular these days.
  • CDs: I know these days most people just listen to music on YouTube, and that’s exactly why a traditional old-school CD is a creative gift. It’s tactile and beautiful. This is especially wonderful if she is a hardcore music fan.
  • Movie tickets: If your lady is a movie fan, going to the movies could be the best thing in the world in her reality. Therefore, you may buy her movie tickets as gifts. In this way, you can go to the cinema with her regularly, so this is also a gift for yourself! Obviously, this gift is good for your relationship – it’s a regular date night!
  • Concert tickets: Make sure you find out which singers are your lady’s preferences before you buy concert tickets because concert tickets aren’t cheap. A friend of mine is a psychologist who saves money in many ways but spends a lot of money on concerts, operas and other shows. If your girlfriend is also like that, you may want to buy her the best concert ticket which includes the access to the pre-concert party and the after-party. In my opinion, this type of gifts is seriously perfect because it’s about giving her unforgettable experiences rather than some random things that she may not even remember in the long term.
  • A weekend away: If you and your Eastern European lady are keen to travel together, you may take her somewhere for the weekend, e.g., Hawaii, Miami, etc. This is also a great way to create some shared experiences that she will remember forever.
  • Unconventional gift ideas:

Other powerful gifts:

  1. Gift cards: If you don’t know what she wants because this is the initial stage of a relationship, you can give her a gift card so that she will choose whatever she likes. She can’t be disappointed in this way! 😊
  • A custom pendant: This can be her name. It can even be both your name and her name! My best friend has her lucky number as her custom pendant and she loves it!
  • An adult coloring book: Research shows that coloring is a kind of meditation which makes people feel calm and relaxed. Hence, if that’s her thing, you should buy her an adult coloring book which is good for her wellbeing!
  • A virtual assistant: Well, this is very unorthodox because almost nobody would come up with this idea, right? If your Eastern European lady is very busy, you may consider hiring a virtual assistant for her. The virtual assistant can do many tasks that she doesn’t enjoy doing, e.g., managing her Inbox, scheduling her appointments, etc. This is particularly amazing if your girlfriend is a high-level executive or a self-employed entrepreneur.
  • Home cleaning service: Who doesn’t like their home to be professionally cleaned? Even if your girlfriend is good at doing housework, she may still enjoy a home that is professionally cleaned at times.
  • A subscription or a membership: Perhaps your Eastern European lady likes TV shows and movies, so you can buy her a Netflix subscription. Or maybe she wants to become a businesswoman, and you can buy her a Business Chicks membership!
  • A spa gift card: This is my personal favorite because I love going to the spa. Yes, spa appointments are the ideal gifts in my world. So, if your Eastern European lady is interested in having a facial and a massage, why not buy her a spa gift card?

“Give her a hand-written note on a special occasion. She will remember the meaningful gift for a very long time.”

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