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June 2, 2017 at 8.44pm by in Online Dating

 “Would you say that marriages, like you help to establish, are on the decline? It seems like that if a woman can go to Poland to get a job, she will have a Schengen visa and come to the EU.” This is a question sent to us by one of our members this week and raises an interesting point that I would like to comment on. The visa-free regime for Ukraine continues to evoke a far more wide-spread resonance in society, but the fact that its implementation cannot help Ukrainian women deal more effectively with their personal lives is still true. So, does a Ukrainian lady really have a possibility to find a life partner herself when going abroad?

Aims for going abroad

The members question is true in many aspects. The only thing is that a Ukrainian lady goes to Poland for work and usually a to work at a very arduous job. It takes up most of her time and leaves no free time to find a potential partner and establish a strong relationship. She will have just a little time for rest between her working shifts. It only seems that 10-20 years ago there was a more realistic chance to actually find and marry someone in that way.

Ukrainian ladies have been going abroad to work for many years and they’ve always had a certain and ultimate purpose: to earn as much money as they can while the visa is valid. Then they go back home and support their family while they have a visa corridor before the next trip. The situation now remains the same… excluding the visa fee.

Rights and duties

A visa-free regime truly helps to reduce fees for one going abroad, but the fact that the lady still needs to provide a pack of documents to the border officials remains relevant. This amount includes the aim of the trip, availability of a place to stay, confirmation of a certain financial provision during the period of stay and the proof of an intention to return to Ukraine. Moreover, the visa-free regime will not give the possibility to stay and reside, be officially employed or to study in EU countries.

So, it appears that the visa-free regime may help mostly those ladies traveling as tourists or going to short-term study courses, though, I cannot say that these ladies are actually intend to eagerly search for any kind of permanent relationship when going abroad. Traveling to EU is not cheap for Ukrainians due to the currency rate difference, so those who do travel most likely have enough money or are funded by their parents for such trips.

Dating sites today

It’s not right to say about the decline of effectiveness of the Internet services or vice versa, it depends. But the wide and various client base of the marriage sites shows that people nowadays are more likely to use online services than ever. People have certain parameters of their potential partner and wish to find the right person as soon as possible. They don’t have a possibility to spend much time on the site. So they pay for such services as internet dating is really fast in the 21st century.

Men and ladies crave the same goals

You may consider that this is true only for men? It would be a great delusion to think so. Many successful business ladies are using marriage sites as well. They have their own enterprise and it requires their full attention to continue its growth and success. Therefore, these ladies try to minimize their effort in searching for a partner turning to the marriage sites. They also use a matchmaking service as well to find a person who completely fits their expectations. More about the matchmaking service you may read following this link:

Keep pace to the modern world’s needs

Remember that no rules and standards may be applied when speaking about human relationships. The modern world is changing fast and we need to keep pace. I wish you to find your special lady soon and build a healthy and happy relationship with her!

Feel free to comment on my ideas. This way you help me to provide more useful and up-to-date information for you 🙂

  • Shardorn

    Dear Anna,
    I fully agree with your blog concerning the EU-visa free regime. My personal point of view and experience is that for Ukrainian women who are not able to have the required documents it is a big challenge. And yes, only the ones who have the money or being sponsored by parents would be able to travel to Europe. Nevertheless, we should not forget that also European countries have changed and when we talk about safety this is becoming a big challenge. Especially for a woman who is traveling alone is not a good idea. Traveling in groups is advisable. On the other hand, I must say that good dating sites will have the opportunity now to also attract more European clients.

    My experience is that EU-Visa free will have a diverse mix of clients (US/EU/Other) who will be in search for a good matchmaking agency to find their partner. Furthermore, I must remark that for Ukrainian women who finds a partner from the EU via a dating site, will have a much easier process to enter the EU. Visa-free regime gives them the opportunity to reside for 90 days consecutive in the EU and Schengen in a period of 180 days. In the case of a relationship, there are other laws that support unification of family which means that couples who can prove their relationship is valid/real and binding will be allowed to have a different status within the EU and Schengen.

    The facts below are based on personal experiences

    NON Visa-free
    Officially needed: visa; passport; travel insurance; return ticket; accommodation; proof of having enough finances for travel

    Visa-free (Official relationship)
    Not needed: Accomodation; Proof of having enough finances
    This is replaced by Letter of Invitation describing stay + financial responsibility by the sponsor (boyfriend/fiance) including residency permit copy and signed invitation.

    In conclusion:
    EU Visa-free will bring more possibilities to women and men who are looking for a long lasting relationship. It also makes a relationship for a Ukrainian woman more pleasant. Why? Because the travel time is not that much and the lady can also be at ease that she could visit more places near home. And she always has the possibility to go back home and see family and friends.

    New media and technology are good but do not forget that a relationship cannot be automated. We are all still human beings and we have a soul and emotions which cannot be reproduced.


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